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Nexus Private Security

Created in early YE 40 via secret planning between Iemochi Jonnex and Lazarus. Nexus Private Security, or NPS, is a private military company that uses a mix of clone troops, autonomous support, and some questionable projects which don't generally see light.

About the N.P.S.

Nexus Private Security, or more commonly known as NPS, is a private military corporation. created via clandestine ties with a splinter division of Iemochi Innovations & Sales run by Iemochi Jonnex. Of course, that's just the anonymous and unseen side of the company, publicly a figure known as the "Dark Apostle", for which all the soldiers were secretly cloned from. Much like this man, all the soldiers are heavily augmented as well as genetically enhanced. The company funnels research from IIS as well as from other illegally obtained sources to create new and dangerous gear as well as weapons. The other side of the business is offering the military services of elite, obedient, and efficient troops whose physical capabilities outmatch those of a baseline human.

In late YE 39, Lazarus escaped his servitude within the ranks of Psychopomp LLC, eventually becoming a very wanted, and hated figure. In early YE 40 while living on Vice in the Reservoir System, he was contacted by Iemochi Jonnex, the leader of a splinter of the Iemochi Innovations & Sales corporation. Jonnex approached Lazarus with an offer he couldn't refuse, an army created of him, one that he could use and have power over. At the same time, it would also clandestinely serve Jonnex and his splinter division of IIS's purposes.

1) The logo is three silver arrows pointing in at a crimson dot, the arrows arranged in an upside-down Y formation, all within the circle shaped background. The background color is a black circle, and the company name is wrapped around its top edge.


“We'll tag em, and bag em, so you have the right to brag.”

General Information

Nexus Private Security (NPS)
CEO Iemochi Jonnex/Lazarus
Faction Independent
Product Symbol NS


A massive space station secretly built by the splinter group of Iemochi Innovations & Sales starting early YE 40, and poured all of their off-site resources from western space into it. It is complete with luxury residential, manufacturing, barracks, labs, training facilities, and the cloning facilities where all the troops are created. Spanning over 300 decks, the “Charon” station is more like a space colony. Designed to be self-sufficient, top of the line, and defendable like a star fortress. Currently, the labs churn out new gear for the troops, and the cloning facilities can turn out clones as needed, the barracks fitting 10,000 standard units with only currently holding 5,000.


Information about the company's facilities, where they are, who runs them, and what their purpose is.

Charon Station (HQ)

Charon station covers the majority of needs for NPS. Food, equipment, ships, and the perfect base of operations. The station is large enough to house two internal shipyards which can build up to a cruiser, with anything bigger requiring for both to labor at building it in sections to be pieced together outside the station2) . The station also features 7 decks of nothing more then hydroponics, and livestock cloning farms. The upper decks of the station house manufacturing, fabrication, and lab facilities. The mid to lower section of the station is administrative and residential.

  • Personnel: 20,000 3)
  • Decks: 300 4)
  • Shipyards: 2 5)
  • Hangars: 12 (6 on each side front and back.) 6)
  • Warehouses: 8 on the upper decks for resource and equipment storage.
  • Factories: 8 on the upper decks

Vice: M.E.C.H.A. (outpost)

Through IIS's backroom influence, NPS has gotten an account at M.E.C.H.A., where they receive local contracts for jobs. Recently purchasing an area of land of property that previously belonged to “Brimstone Shipping” company. It's a large plot that includes a large cargo yard, a three-story building that houses 400 troops as well as 50 workers and administrative personnel. Also included is a warehouse-like hangar that can fit a medium-sized vessel such as a light frigate. The cargo yard has been re-purposed, now divided into a landing field for shuttles and armored vehicles, and the other half being a training yard.

  • Personnel: 450 7)
  • Hangars: 1 8)
  • Landing field: 10 shuttles

Planet Osman: Old S6 compound (outpost)

Planet Osman was struck with disarray after the fall of the OSO, most infrastructure became minimal at best. Only what the people could keep maintained themselves, with almost nothing in the way of security. It wasn't hard for NPS to take advantage of this, making landfall and seizing the remains of the compound that were the birthplace and old home of Section 6 before their exodus to Sanctum. Everything had been stripped, with the exception of the structures, and the large communications tower that was part of the main facility. NPS advance teams have moved and begun to set up shop in the almost free real estate, with only a minimal force present as of late YE 40.

  • Personnel: 200 9)
  • Hangars: 2 10)
  • Small starport: 6 shuttles
  • Factory: 1 11)


Information about the various divisions or departments of the company.


The company was started as a proxy puppet, doing work that the corrupt splinter of Iemochi Innovations & Sales couldn't publicly do itself. This was done through the financial and backroom influence of Iemochi Jonnex, and the genetic material as well as the ambition of Lazarus. Jonnex became the anonymous financial benefactor of the company, while Lazarus became the mysterious public figure of the company, only known outside the company as the “Dark Apostle”.


This includes all Science personnel as well company employees who hand such things as logistics, paperwork, as well as reviewing projects results. To put it simply, they are the men and women behind the desks, the brains of the company.

Lab Personnel

Scientist, researchers, trial testers, and a few interns. These individuals work in the labs day and night upgrade current assets, as well create new technologies to put at the company's fingertips. From an outside perspective, their work appears ethical and within the laws(if there were anywhere they are.), but if one were to really dig the darker side of their research would become apparent.

Office Personnel

They are the people who do the majority of support work, running logistics, doing the tedious evil paperwork, and making sure is running in line with the owners' wishes. The corporate workhorses of the company.


The manual labor of the company, which includes everything from dock workers, technicians, engineers, hydroponic farmers, and even the support staff who do maintenance and such on installations. The company needs it, they move, build, maintain, and make the projects from the labs a reality. Where the administrative personnel is the brains, the workers are the brawn.

Combat Units

This where the breadwinners are, the teeth and money makers. The company was built and formed around the very concept that of a legion of obedient, efficient, and merciless military force. Given birth through clandestine arrangements, and shady transfers of technology, as well as benefactor with access to vast funds as well as high-grade tech. The troops of Nexus Private Security's forces are not recruited, but created. They consist of several troop types, all copied from a figure known as the “Dark Apostle”, but with some units having been altered. Some in drastic and terrifying ways.


These are the frontline units deployed, normal clones who are physically unaltered copies of their progenitor. The main differences are that every unit is “leashed” via mental programming and conditioning, as well as implants in their necks as obedience assurance devices. These beings have no humanity but are merely obedient puppets under the helmets, a fact one can hardly tell with all the armor they wear. They are on a strict protocol system that forbids the removal of their armor around clients and are not to interact unless approached by a commanding unit12).


Similar to that of the Disciples, these units are mostly unaltered but have had surgically implanted stim injectors. In addition, their armor has extendable blades added to the gauntlets. When deployed, they act just like any Disciple. But on command, or if certain combat parameters are met, they are pumped full of stims and their blades deployed. They'll charge the enemy with reckless and savage abandonment. The stims ensure they keep going until their bodies are either too broken to continue, or they're dead. Most often these units are deployed to urban, or dense forest/jungle conflict zones where they are most effective.


These units are designed specifically around assassination, infiltration, and VIP security. Unlike the other units deployed, these beings can hardly be called human, or even living anymore. Their bodies are completely replaced with cybernetics, taking a more tall, lanky, and almost skeletal like look. Where they lack in armor, they make up for in speed, stealth, and savagery. When a target is located, or enemies encountered, their mental shackles are released and aggression amplified. Their style of combat relies on melee more than firearms, usually equipped with light weaponry13) for ranged combat. These units are a terrifying sight in the field when their iconic black coats are discarded, revealing their lethal forms in full view.

Armor Division

The name about says all it needs to. This particular part of the militant forces is that which operates armored units, and transports. Tanks, APCs, LAVs, weapon mounted jeeps, mechs, and even experimental units from time to time. These are the Disciples that pilot/drive/command anything to give the enemy's ground units a bad day. Support, assault, and artillery are their forte, and they put it to effective use.

Aerospace Division

Similarly, as the name suggests, these are the personnel that handles flying of any space or airborne craft. Starships, shuttles, fighters, even space station control. Mostly in a supportive role, minus those who fly specifically combat craft, provide numerous means of aiding units in the field, or even just moving them from point A to B.


Current Products and Projects

Here are projects currently in progress.

Past Products and Projects

Here is where all past projects are listed.

  • None currently

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subject to build time limitations
5,000 as clone troops, 10,000 workers, and 5,000 administrative personnel.
each deck is 4 meters tall, with 2 meters in between of support structure.
capable of constructing cruisers unless both are used to build large in sections at a time.
Capable of holding 100 shuttles, 200 fighters, and 2 frigates, or 1 cruiser
400 troops, 40 workers, and 10 admin staff.
Holds only up to a light frigate.
150 troops, and 50 workers.
10 shuttles, 5 per hangar.
minimal manufacturing output.
this includes clients as well
SMGs, Pistols, DMRs, and light sniper rifles.

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