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Hardsell Coilcannon

The Hardsell Coilcannon is a gatling style coilgun. It both was designed in and begun production during YE 40. It is a relatively simple but reliable design, made to shave off pea sized chunks of tungsten and accelerate them to about twice the speed of sound

About the Hardsell

The Hardsell was designed in YE 40 by Osman Heavy Industries to serve as a weapon on their first combat mecha.

Nomenclature Information


Outside of whatever machine it is mounted in, the hardsell is very simple looking. It has four barrels mounted onto the end of an ammunition tank, where the block of ammunition is stored.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: There is no muzzle flash, since the projectile is propelled by electromagnetic coils
  • Retort: A crack for a single shot, as the tungsten projectile pierces the sound barrier. A long ripping sound as it is fired multiple times in succession.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: If visible, each projectile appears as a grey streak through the air.
  • Effective Range in atmosphere: 5 km
  • Effective Range out of atmosphere: effectively unlimited, barring friction from the interstellar medium and no gravitational fields to decelerate the projectile.
  • Rate of Fire: 50 rounds per second
  • Recoil: Negligible per single shot, medium over extended periods of fire. Tends to drift upward.


  • Ammunition: The hardsell does not actually use traditional ammunition, but instead shaves off slivers of tungsten from a block an accelerates them to high speeds. These slivers, while not aerodynamic, can travel a decent distance in an atmosphere by virtue of sheer speed alone before they decelerate to speeds where they don't do much damage, if any.
  • Purpose: Medium Anti Armor (achieved through multiple hits) (Tier 5)
  • Round Capacity: 3000 shots per ammunition block

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: Each shot is accelerated by a series of coils inside each barrel. After the top barrel fires, the assembly of four barrels rotates to allow the fired barrel to cool down while they wait to be fired again.
  • Loading: The Hardsell has to be reloaded by a crew of technicians or by a pilot during maintenence of the machine it is mounted into when used in mecha sized applications or smaller. In larger applications, autoloaders can load new ammunition blocks.
  • Mode Selector: The safety and mode selector are electronic.
  • Firing Modes: The only modes of fire are fully automatic or single shot.
  • Safety Mechanism: The safety works by depriving the coils in the gun of power, making the weapon unable to fire.
  • Weapon Sight: Aiming is done with the electronic systems of the machine that the Hardsell is built into.


  • Hardsell: 2000 KS
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Barrel assembly: 200 KS
  • Ammunition shaver: 200 KS

Ammunition is available in 2000 round blocks which go for 200 KS each.

Tungsten is the ideal candidate for the ammunition because of its high melting point. This is important because in an atmospheric environment, most lesser metals would melt or burn up from shock heating after exiting the barrel of the weapon. While this is not applicable in exo-atmospheric environments, it was decided that tungsten be used for the sake of simplicity.

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