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MultiStruct Multitool

The MultiStruct Multitool is a multipurpose piece of equipment developed by Osman Heavy Industries that can be used for mining, salvage, or construction, and is sold in several sizes, each able to mine and construct more at once.


Beginning design in YE 40, the MultiStruct Multitool had been envisioned from the earliest days of the company's work. Originally intended for use by the Oxen mecha for mining and construction on Planet Osman as the planet had a vast sea of potential opportunities for construction work, delays in miniaturizing the mechanisms set back the product several years. Finally, in YE 42, the breakthroughs in miniaturization were made, and the design was finalized, and though now designed for use across many different platforms, its nomenclature still bears the marks of its origin.

Function and Design

The MultiStruct Multitool uses pulse lasers to vaporize materials into ionized gasses, or plasma, and collects them with projected magnetic fields, separating them and collecting them in storage tanks for later use. It can, using the same magnetic fields, use the stored materials to weld, project and 3D print simple structures, or repair damage.

The MultiStruct Multitool comes in several sizes, suited for different applications. Small, for mecha and vehicles, Medium, for shuttlecraft and large vehicles, and Large, for small starships. The larger sizes are able to mine more material per pulse, with the capability of a Medium multitool being 1.5 times that of a small one, and that of a large multitool being 3 times greater than that of a small one.


The MultiStruct Multitool can vary in appearance depending upon what it's mounted in. Originally designed to be used by the Oxen Multipurpose Mecha, it can be carried by most mecha, with a back mounted storage tank for mined materials. In this configuration, it is a stubby tubular gun-like tool.

When mounted on a vehicle, the storage tank is usually mounted on the top-rear of the vehicle, with a mechanical arm mounted elsewhere on the vehicle to allow the mining beam to be maneuvered. In this configuration, its appearance is similar to its mecha-wielded sibling, but without a handle.

Finally, when mounted on a space-going vehicle such as a shuttle or small starship, the storage tank is usually mounted inside the vehicle with a mechanical arm mounted on the exterior to allow the mining beam to be maneuvered. In this configuration, its appearance is identical to that of its vehicle-borne sibling.


The MultiStruct Multitool is sold by Osman Heavy Industries, and is readily available to all customers in a variety of sizes.

  • Recommended Retail Prices
    • MultiStruct Multitool, Small: 8,000 KS
    • MultiStruct Multitool, Medium: 12,000 KS
    • MultiStruct Multitool, Large: 20,000 KS

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