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50mm Rotary Assault Rifle

The 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle is a mecha-scale 50mm assault rifle developed by Osman Heavy Industries for the Spartan General Combat Mecha.

About the 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle

The 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle was developed in YE 40 alongside the Spartan General Combat Mecha with the intention of having the former serve as the latter's main weapon; during development, however, it was decided to make the Rotary Assault Rifle a standalone platform usable with other earlier or later mecha.

The Rotary Assault Rifle's high rate of fire, high accuracy, and high damage make it a versatile multipurpose weapon for mecha; additionally, the positioning of its grip towards the weapon's rear allows for a greater range of motion when aiming. The stock can even collapse to improve the Rotary Assault Rifle's handling qualities even further for close-range engagements - though this comes at the cost of a reduction in recoil control.

Nomenclature Information

General information about the 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle, including its designer, manufacturer, dimensions, and nomenclature.


The 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle is best described as an assault rifle for mecha, with a decently-long helical drum magazine stored below the weapon's body of the weapon and 4 rotating barrels at the weapon's front. The handle is towards the rear of the Rotary Assault Rifle and the stock is relatively small in comparison to those found on other mecha-scale assault rifle analogs.

Discharge Information

General information about the 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle's discharge, including details of its visible and audible actions and effective ranges.

  • Muzzle Flash: A medium-sized bulbous yellow/orange flash.
  • Retort: A series of dull thumps.
  • Projectile Appearance:1) An orange/yellow ovaloid with a short trail behind it.
  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds per minute
  • Recoil (Stock Extended): Slow and steady upwards climb; manageable and easy to control.
  • Recoil (Stock Collapsed): Moderate and steady upwards climb; requires more effort to control.

Range table

Range Quickchart
Environment Maximum range Effective range
Space 50km 45km
Atmosphere 2) 18km 10km
Ground 3) 10km 6km


The following section contains details about the types of ammunition usable by the 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle.

  • Ammunition 50mm HEAAP
  • Purpose: Tier 8, Medium Anti-Mecha
  • Area of Effect: 20 centimeters around impact
  • Round Capacity: 270 rounds

Weapon Mechanisms

Below are general descriptions about how the 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle functions and cycles.

  • Firing Mechanism: When rounds are fired, they are accelerated out of the barrel by gauss coils to high speeds before the round's internal gyrojets kick in and accelerate the round further.
  • Loading: When being reloaded, clamps holding the drum magazine in place release and allow a mecha to swap in a fresh magazine.
  • Mode Selector: Firing mode selection is handled by the mecha's internal computer, which links to that of the Rotary Assault Rifle; if either (or both) computer is offline, the firing mode can be changed via a switch on the weapon's left side of the weapon that is located just above and in front of the grip.
  • Firing Modes: Safe, single fire, variable burst setting (burst size can be changed by the user; default size is 5 rounds), full auto.
  • Safety Mechanism: When in safe mode, the gauss coils lower the power of the magnetic field, the chambering mechanism disengages, and the chamber locks up.
  • Weapon Sight: The Rotary Assault Rifle has an integrated Multifunction Optical/Audio Sensory Suite which links to the main computer(s) of the mecha using it. The weapon can also be aimed with the sensors built into the mecha using it or by aiming along the ridge at the top of the weapon - though this last method is inaccurate compared to other methods of aiming.


General information about the pricing of the 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle, its replaceable parts, and its ammunition.

  • 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle: 7,000 KS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Single Barrel : 200 KS
  • Barrel Assembly : 700 KS
  • Handle and Chamber Assembly : 500 KS
  • Gauss Coil Assembly: 500 KS


50mm HEAAP Round Price Quickchart4)
Quantity Price
100 1,100 KS
500 5,000 KS
2000 15,000 KS

OOC Notes

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Only applicable for tracers.
2) , 3)
Direct fire is only possible until the horizon - after that it's all GM discretion.
Remember to buy in bulk

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