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Oncari Industries

Founded in YE 28, the corporation handles the sale of private star craft to planetary security forces, companies in need of interstellar craft, and private citizens. Based on a modular design, Oncari products are flexible, rugged vehicles that are priced to be affordable to smaller companies and local governments. Their main shipyard orbits the larger of the two moons of Nassau-IV; raw materials for their craft are generally collected from contracted asteroid mining firms in the system.


The port of Nassau is the home base of the Oncari Corporation.

A smaller production facility is located on the planet’s surface to use local resources for smaller craft that do not require construction in zero gravity. Ships capable of atmospheric flight can also be constructed planet side if material transport costs vary greatly enough to warrant it. The range of materials in the Nassau system provides an adequate source material for the manufacture of their craft, making hauler traffic into the system minimal. There is also a small sales and refitting shop on Yamatai that handles a majority of their advertisements and orders. It also servs as a central port for minor refitting.


In the past year the company has produced the Corax destroyer as its flagship design. (The first interstellar design from Oncari) Oncari Industries relies heavily on the civilian market, To avoid the label of a warship it is sold without weapons but is still capable of mounting them. Earlier designs from the company were centered on atmospheric and planetary area craft until early YE 27, when they acquired the ability to produce fold drives. The company conducted tests on interstellar and interplanetary travel resulting in the Corax pattern destroyer in YE 28. Rumor has it Oncari plans to release a new escort sized ship as well as a fighter interceptor.

(Before producing spacecraft Oncari was an aerospace company, some of their planetary vehicles are still in use today.)

About Oncari

Being a public company, the CEO of Oncari industries (Jane Falkland) retains control of the company thru majority shares. Oncari is not an arms dealer. In fact, no single Oncari ship to date has come with any offensive weapons. However, due to the modular nature of the designs, Oncari has become adept at creating mounting systems to service nearly any desired armament per ship class. Likewise, the company has not engaged in any military contract work, and their intentional reluctance to self produce weapons has kept them out of military manufacturing for the war. Ironically the ability to customize a ship has lead many owners to adapt Oncari designs for violent ends. (Exact technical specifications are listed on each model)

Cheap, rugged, easy to repair and modular are the mainstays of Oncari's design team. Though the company’s main production line is still located in the Nassau system, the company has grown no larger than other independent rivals such as Gillian Manufacturing. Heavy automation of the construction facilities provides Oncari with a small personal staff - mostly core designers and systems experts. The legal affairs and management are also conducted within the company. The remote Nassau system lies just beyond the Great Lighthouse in the far fringes of colonized space, keeping their main shipyard well out of proverbial earshot of most regional governments.

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