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Origin Armored Pilot Suit

Designed in YE 31 by Origin Industries, the Armored Pilot suit consists of two layers, which work together to form a space-capable pilot-suit for Origin Industries small craft. The first layer is a conventional skintight Mechanical Counterpressure Suit, which adheres to the body's contours. This layer also has bundles of nerve sensors and the required electronics to interface with and control Origin Industries frames and small craft. The APS is powered by a Interchangeable High-Volume Capacitor, in a pack on the suit's back, next to the air tanks. The suit also has a short ranged Radio, going out to only about 3 miles. The second layer is a combination of bulletproof cloth covering important sections such as the groin, throat, upper arm, thighs. Lightweight Ceramic plates serve to protect the internal organs of the chest. (Tier 2)

In addition to the normal nerve sensors throughout the body of the suit, a more comprehensive Neural scanning system is present in the helmet to allow the pilot to mentally control certain functions such as the rapid activation of thrusters, cycling of heads-up display features and so on.

Around the suit's neck is a groove which the bottom of the helmet fits into, sealing air in, and keeping vacuum, noxious fumes, and liquids out. The suit's helmet is composed of a hard, but lightweight ceramic, with bulletproof cloth over the outside. It is made with a built-in anti-whiplash system that restricts neck movement during sudden motions but allows the pilot a full range of motion otherwise.

The helmet's front is taken up by a roughly T-shaped visor. The visor is made of a Transparent Durandium, with the ability to automatically darken itself to protect the wearer's eyesight, as well as slide into the top of the helmet at the press of the button on the helmet's chin. The inside of the helmet is padded to make it more comfortable on the wearer. A small air tank containing an hour's worth of oxygen, and a small air-recycler that can make that air last for an extra thirty minutes are in a small box on the suit's back.

The Origin Industries Armored Pilot Suit costs 500 KS.

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