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Origin Crew Cabins

Crew Cabins are small personal rooms to be used in smaller Origin starships, and even some larger, more luxurious starships. There are two configurations: Dual occupancy and Single occupancy. Dual occupancy cabins are larger and contain two beds, while single-occupancy are small and only have one bed. Both are very cramped, but provide a lot more privacy than Origin's usual Crew Barracks.

Single Occupancy

Single occupancy rooms are two meters wide and four meters deep. They contain a twin-sized bed, a dresser, and a small desk with a chair, all of which can be rearranged to the occupant's desire.

Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancy rooms are four meters wide and four meters deep. They contain two twin sized beds, two dressers, and a single desk with chair, which of course can be rearranged to the occupants' desires.

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