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A short laser rifle made by Origin Defense Manufacturing.

“This weapon fires a high-power pulse laser which connects to the target at the speed of light. It possesses the stopping power and effective range of a battle rifle. Fires at a rate eight hundred pulses per minute. The battery magazine carries three times the capacity of regular assault rifles. Due to it being a laser, it has no bullet-drop, and only suffers a power-fade out of its effective range. Due to it's battery type, it can also switch out for lower ammo, but high power shots. Though, it is mostly optimized for the mid-range battery.” - Kobayashi Iku, when asked what she thought of her weapon.

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Rob Robertson III
  • Name: Fatboy
  • Type: Energy Rifle
  • Role: Submachine Assault Rifle
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Barrel Length: 5.2 inches
  • Mass: 11.8 pounds
  • ROF: 800 RPM Auto
  • Rounds per battery: 100



Discharge Information

Firing Mechanism

Depending on the firing mode, the lenses set at the discharging device will project a damaging blast that varies in color.

Ammunition Description

Power: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel Effective Range 700 meters Maximum Range: 1400 meters Muzzle Velocity: 1C Muzzle Blast: Semi: Green, Burst: Blue, Full: White Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic, Burst, Full-Automatic Recoil: Very Little Battery: Interchangeable High-Volume Capacitor

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Toggling switch on the left side of the gun. Fire Mode Selector: Toggling switch on the left side of the gun. Weapon Sight: Depending on what one attaches to the top hard point, either a Red-Dot Sight, or a Digital Display Sight Attachment Hard Points: Rail hard point on the top, and a power slot on the bottom.

Red-Dot Sight
Digital Display Sight: Receives display info from camera on the blue apparatus on the front of the gun.
Front Loader: When stock is removed, the Fatboy can have a the Front Loader attached on the power slot. Most people refer to this modification as the 'Chubby'.

Battery: The Battery is covered by a small frame that has a percentage readout on the left side. This frame is lifted when you twist a small nob behind of the gun, and lift it up the slider to reveal the battery with in the stock. Simply complete the progress in reverse to reinstall the battery. Cooling System: Due to its electronics and laser firing mechanisms being in such close proximity, the Fatboy uses a miniature cooling system to keep the inside of the gun at reasonable temperatures.



With the Fatboy, comes the standard FatCOM communications and Digital Display volumetric sight. This headset can work two purposes for the user of the Fatboy. The User can use it to communicate with other FatCOMs, or tune into the frequency that other squads are using to communicate. However, the more notable use and feature is the Volumetric readout of the Digital Display sight. With this, a user can see anything his or her gun sees through the Digital Display Scope at any time.


Field Maintenance Procedure: With most of it's components in closed with the FAT panels, the Fatboy remains clean and operable through most missions. However, for assured maxiumum performance and service, it is recommended to disassemble and inspect after every two missions.


  • SmAR/Fatboy + FatCOM(includes 2 batteries and a charging station that can charge up to 5 batteries at a time.)- 1000 KS

Replaceable Parts and Components:

  • Extra Barrel - 150 KS
  • Stock - 200 KS
  • Cooling System - 200 KS
  • FatCOM - 500 KS
  • Digital Display Scope - 500 KS
  • Red Dot Sight - 200 KS
  • Front Loader - 400 KS

Additional Ammo:


  • Black Leather Ammo Belt, carries 3 extra batteries (not included) - 50 KS
  • Brown Leather Ammo Belt, carries 3 extra batteries (not included) - 50 KS
  • Origin Blue Leather Ammo Belt, carries 3 extra batteries (not included) - 50 KS
  • Origin Green Leather Ammo Belt, carries 3 extra batteries (not included) - 50 KS
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Product NameSmAR/Fatboy
ManufacturerOrigin Industries

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