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OI-M1-W3107 Hyper Rifle

The W3107 Hyper Rifle is a heavy, military grade railgun rifle made especially for the M1 Kirin, utilizing new wear resistant rails. The rifle is connected to the frame by an industrial grade, high tensile cable, which transfers power to the weapon and keeps it tethered to the frame. When in use,the rail gun is held one or two handed by the Kirin. Ammo is loaded into the barrel from the rear 50 round magazine, with a new round being loaded between the rails whenever the trigger is pulled, allowing for a high rate of fire. The Rifle is operated by a simple trigger mechanism: When in semi-automatic mode, a single round is loaded and fired when the trigger is pulled; When in full-auto, the weapon continues to load and fire rounds as long as the trigger is depressed. The Hyper rifle has a Muzzle velocity of .75c, which allows its dense Iridium-Osmium cored Tungsten slug to do damage equivalent to a nuclear detonation; The hyper rifle's muzzle velocity and high rate of fire require it to have a large cooling system, which uses liquid nitrogen run over the rails to keep them cool. Due to the effects of wear and heat on the rails, the rails must be replaced with new ones after every 1000 rounds. The Hyper Rifle has a maximum range of 200 kilometers in a standard atmosphere, and a theoretically infinite range in space.

Weapon Specifications

  • Purpose: Long Range Anti-Mecha Rifle
  • Dimensions: .25m x 1.35m x 4.8m
  • Range: 3 kilometers in atmosphere. Theoretically Infinite in space.
  • Damage: ADR 4
  • Rate of Fire :Semi-Auto and Fully Automatic 100 rounds per minute
  • Muzzle Velocity: .75c
  • Payload: 50 round magazine
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