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OI-M8-1A Light Enhanced Armored Frame

The LEAF is a light armored frame designed in YE 32 to fulfill an order made to Origin Industries by Styrling Vervaardiging.

History and Background

In YE 32, Styrling approached Origin with a request for a light duty frame that could be used in just about any environment, but did not take up the space of a full-sized frame, yet was larger and more physically powerful than a Powered armor. this frame had to be durable, reliable, and easy to maintain, as well as capable enough to hold its own against larger, more powerful foes, or smaller, faster foes.

About the LEAF

The LEAF, like some of Origin's other armored projects, relies on older, more durable and reliable technology that has had the time to mature and become something fairly common. However, the way this technology is put together and put to use is fairly new and innovative, allowing it to perform beyond what it was originally thought capable. Through the use of systems such as hydraulics, actuators, motorized gears, and such, the LEAF has been given the strength to perform above the specifications given by Styrling Vervaardaging.

The LEAF, at its basest definition, is a mechanized frame which augments the strength and abilities of its pilot to effectively act as a force multiplier.

Statistical Information

Government: N/A Organization: Origin Industries Type: Light Powered Frame Class: OI-M8-1A LEAF Designer: Origin Armor Works Manufacturer: Origin Industries Production: Limited Cost: 20,000 KS

Crew: 1 Maximum Capacity: 1 Appearance: The LEAF consists of an angled torso section, with a small, rectangular head on top. The arms are connected by large, squarish shoulders, and made from mostly rectangular pieces. The legs, as well, are made of rectangular pieces, and end in special, almost hoof-like feet, which have three 'toes' one large forward toe, and two rear toes. On the outward size of these feet are wheels for alternate transport.

Width: 3.2 Meters Height: 4.8 Meters


Ground speed(normal): 40 MPH Ground Speed(wheels): 65 MPH Ground Speed(thruster-assisted): 150 MPH Air speed (up to 5 meters high): 450 MPH Zero Atmosphere: .05c

Range: Effectively unlimited on land. 3 Days in space Lifespan: 10 Years

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 10 Shields: 8 (Threshold 2/5)

Interior Descriptions


The Pilot sits in a reclined seat, which they are buckled into by a five-point-harness. Their arms go into a special harness system that allows them to control the frame's arms by moving their own. This movement is however, somewhat confined by the interior of the cockpit, and so is augmented by the harness reading the signals sent to the muscles to perform the needed actions correctly. This can be done through clothing.

The pilot's feet rest on two pedals, each of which controls a leg. Through modulation of these pedals, the frame can be made to walk, run, turn, jump, or crouch. The frame's thrusters are controlled via voice commands.

The Pilot sees via a set of four screens. A large forward screen, two angled peripheral vision screens, and a small rear-view screen mounted on top of the main screen.

Weapons Systems

Point Defense Phased Lasers

Each of the four Phased Lasers, two on the front, and two on the back, help to give the LEAF all around point-defense protection against things such as projectiles and powered armor. When not in use, the Phased lasers are covered by armored panels, to protect the lenses.

Power: Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor

Systems Descriptions

Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Hull and Chassis

The LEAF is made from Durandium Alloy. Much of the cockpit is made from high-quality carbon fiber paneling.

Life Support

The LEAF has a standard life support system, with a pressurized cockpit, oxygen scrubbers, and a temperature-humidity regulation system. The LEAF also has an inertia control system to keep the g-forces on its pilots to a minimum.


The LEAF has two types of shields, electromagnetic and gravitic, layered with each other. Each shield is generated from a generator within the frame. The two shield systems work in concert, allowing the frame to survive large amounts of damage.

Electromagnetic & Gravitic Shielding

TheElectromagnetic shield generators and Gravitic shield generators create a powerful field, which hugs close to the frame like a tight bubble, not quite conformal, but not quite a bubble.


Primary Power

For power generation, the LEAF uses two IAPD's, which serve both as power generation and as secondary propulsion.

Secondary Power Source

In case of Aether cancelling, the IAPD's fuel reserves can power the LEAF for up to four hours of operation, so long as the thrusters are not used to speed up movement.

Electronics and Propulsion


The LEAF uses a Pawn computer suite for all its computing, sensor, and communications needs.


Legs: The LEAF is propelled via hydraulically and mechanically operated legs, which have heavy redundancy in their systems to lessen the chances of a catastrophic failure. These legs are heavily armored, and easily capable of supporting the LEAF's weight. In the case of a catastrophic failure, the legs lock in the standing position, keeping the Mecha from falling over when problems arise. The large feet evenly distribute the weight over a larger surface area, as well as are able to magnetically clamp to metal surfaces such as starship hulls.

Wheels: The LEAF has wheels built into the feet, which can be extended into contact with the ground, and allow for the mech to travel at higher rates of speed without needing to use the thrusters, or making the loud noise of metal feet stomping on the ground. Although fast, the wheels are somewhat difficult to control, and have a harsh learning curve for new pilots.

Thrusters: The IAPD thrusters help to propel the craft on land by pushing upwards and forwards, easing some of the weight off of the legs, while simultaneously pushing the Mecha forward, this results in a much higher speed than the legs alone could accomplish. These thrusters can, when pushed hard enough, lift the Frame off the ground and allow it to skim above the ground at the maximum velocity.

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