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Mimic Computer

The Mimic Computer, or Mimicom, is a type of android designed by Origin Industries, and released in YE 35.

About the Mimicom

Unlike most other supposed 'android' bodies available in the Kikyo sector, the Mimicom is a fully synthetic, non-organic computer system which is also intended to work as a communicator and assistant. The body is endlessly adaptable and modifiable, and can be used for just about anything, from a ship's avatar, to an alternate body type to transfer ST Data into. While it is able to be used for many things, the intended purpose of the Mimicom is to replace a traditional personal computer with what is effectively a much more versatile form; that of a human being.

Basic Information

General information about the Mimicom.

Nomenclature Information

Designer: Sierra Merkur Manufacturer: Origin Industries Nomenclature: OI-J1-1a Name: Mimic Computer Type: Personal computer, Communicator, and assistant


The Mimicom appears indistinguishable from a Human in most cases, although a typical Mimicom has a standardized androgynous appearance. The main visual difference between a Mimicom and a normal person is the presence of the BANGLE.

While the Mimicom can have its appearance custom ordered, the standard Mimicom's appearance, beyond parameters such as skin, hair, and eye color, is identical for each 'gender', although an Androgynous model is the most common. A Mimicom's weight will be slightly higher than the average for a human of similar build, due to the slightly more weighty nature of its construction.

Standard Androgynous

Height: 5'7โ€œ Weight: 150 pounds Measurements: 32-27-32

Build: The standard androgynous Mimicom is built very averagely. It looks like it is fit and in good shape, but does not appear to be overly muscular, nor does it have any extra weight. The build is somewhat athletic and feminine, but lacks such features as breasts or the wider hips.

Facial Features: The standard androgynous Mimicom has an averagely proportioned face, which can be best described as 'round', and could be mistaken for either gender. Eyes are typically almond shaped, and the default 'blank' expression borders on happiness or amusement.

Hair Style: The standard androgynous Mimicom's hair is styled in a basic manner. Roughly six inches long and worn straight, with just enough volume that it has some life to it.


Height: 5'10โ€ Weight: 200 pounds Measurements: 34-30-33

Build: The standard 'male' Mimicom is built very averagely. He looks like he is fit and in good shape, but does not appear to be overly muscular, nor does he have any extra weight. The build is somewhat athletic, but not overly so.

Facial Features: The standard 'male' Mimicom has an averagely proportioned face, longer than it is wide, with a moderate chin, and a moderate brow. Eyes are typically almond shaped, and the default 'blank' expression borders on happiness or amusement.

Hair Style: The standard 'male' Mimicom's hair is styled in a basic manner. Roughly three inches long and styled backwards, with just enough volume that it has some life to it, but without any wild spikes or waves.


Height: 5'6โ€œ Weight: 150 lbs Measurements: 32-25-33 Cup size: 34B Build: The standard 'female' Mimicom is built like a slight athlete, such as a swimmer or gymnast. While of average height, their build is a bit smaller than the average. Despite this, the Mimicom has an average bust.

Facial Features: The standard 'female' Mimicom has a heart-shaped face. Their face is roughly as long as it is wide, and they have a somewhat pointed, feminine chin. Features can be best described as 'soft' and they wear a congenial expression most of the time.

Hair Style: The standard 'female' Mimicom has long, straight, yet flowing hair, which reaches to their middle-back. The bangs are kept short to provide a clear field of vision for the Mimicom, and the hair comes tied at the bottom to keep it under control.


A Mimicom can be interacted to in many ways- it may be engaged in conversation, it may be given orders, asked questions, complimented, insulted, and other verbal interactions. Also, it responds to touch, and can have its attention gotten by a tap, a pat, or other physical cues. A Mimicom understands most basic body language, and can learn more complex body language, much like a humanoid can.

A Mimicom will respond as provoked. Mimicoms will answer questions to the best of their abilities, make conversation as long as the subject desires, it will comply with orders as best as they can, will humbly receive compliments, and while they will usually apologize when insulted or criticized, have been known to make witty comebacks if they understand that the subject will take it well.


A Mimicom, aside from basic interaction, has several functions. It will always perform these functions to the best of its abilities, and may make suggestions that can help it perform its duties better. Such functions include:

  • Basic computing: A Mimicom performs all the functions of a standard communicator, datapad, or personal computer. A Mimicom can do most math, access public networks, execute applications, run programs, play games, and all other functions commonly found on inanimate computers. Visual display is handled via Volumetric displays projected by the Mimicom.
  • Advanced computing: A Mimicom is a powerful computer, capable of of compiling code and fabricating programs based on input from a user. While the Mimicom has this ability, the programs it can create are proportionate to the input from its user- basic input will create a basic program or code, advanced input will have more advanced results.
  • Communications: A Mimicom may be used as a communicator. It can make or receive calls, both audio and visual, and can even project a volumetric image over itself to mimic the caller, if the caller's equipment supports such functions. A Mimicom may also be used to send textual messages, as well as static images. communications rely on the range of the BANGLE device.
  • Visual Display: See Volumetric Systems
  • Domestic: A Mimicom comes programmed with the ability to perform domestic duties, such as cooking and cleaning, as well as yardwork and basic repair. A Mimicom is a great cook, but only knows rudimentary recipes to begin with, however it will learn any recipe that it is given or that is downloaded to it.
  • Clerical: A Mimicom makes a great clerk or receptionist, and can take calls, make notes, work with customers, and preform its other basic duties for persons other than its master if instructed to do so.


The Mimicom is a relatively expensive computer, though this price is vastly outweighed by its capabilities. It is available in several ways.

  • Standard Type: 7,000 KS - Colors may be chosen by Buyer
  • Custom Type: 10,000 KS - fully customizable colors and appearance, specified by Buyer
  • ST Type: 15,000 KS - Fully customizable appearance, additional ability to taste, eat, and process solid waste.
  • Skin Repair Material: 50 KS/can (three square feet of skin replacement)

Detailed Systems and Features

In depth Information about the Mimicom.


A Mimicom's body is outwardly the same as that of a humanoid, with one major exception- Mimicoms lack reproductive organs, as they have no need or ability to reproduce. The feminine models only retain the breasts as a visual characteristic of the feminine look, but the non-reproductive nature of the Mimicom is made apparent by its Androgynous standard form.

Build and skin color

The structure of the outer body differs between masculine and feminine models, and while most individuals have a standardized appearance (aside from colors), a Mimicom can have its appearance custom-ordered to the purchaser's preferences. Parameters which can be changed include the height, the physical build, the musculature, facial features, hair length, and on feminine models, bust size.


The Mimicom is supported by a sturdy Durandium Alloy chassis, which is jointed in such a way that it allows for the same range of motion found in most Humanoid species. This Chassis is relatively lightweight, consisting of complex hollow structures which are tubular in origin, but have been specifically formed based on their location and purpose to create a skeletal framework which allows for the mounting of components, as well as provides for the protection of certain vital components, much the way a humanoid's skeleton works.

To this end, certain structures are largely dissimilar to their humanoid counterparts. The upper torso of a Mimicom is created by a modified barrel-shaped section of Durandium, with human-like ribbings stamped into it to increase structural rigidity and reinforce the human image that the Mimicom is intended to portray. The Joints differ from those of a standard humanoid. Rather than being filled with marrow, the hollow centers of the bones act as conduits for cables and wiring.


The Mimicom's Ears are used to house its Hearing sensors, and the outer structure works much the same as those of humans. The standard Mimicom has basic rounded humanoid ears, but a Mimicom may be custom ordered with many types of ear shape, including Neko-style ears.

Mouth and Nose

The Mimicom has a complex mouth which replicates the human mouth in most ways, with the notable exception of a sense of taste on its tongue, which was omitted because the Mimicom should not eat and has no need for food. A Mimicom's mouth houses all the standard structures a mouth should- lips, teeth, gums, a tongue, and holes which connect to the nasal passages. The mouth and nasal passages are kept somewhat moist, but not as moist as a human's mouth. A Mimicom's nose contains the android's sense of smell- it has sensors which take in and analyze particles, taking in scent information.

However, for models specifically meant to ST a mind into, a sense of taste, and the ability to eat and process waste is added, via the addition of simple taste sensors on the tongue, and a system which is added to the torso which processes waste and turns it into a substance that can be easily passed via an added waste disposal system.


The outer covering of a Mimicom is comprised of a self-healing synthetic material which mimics the properties of skin. It is water-repellant, slightly stretchy, soft, yet firm, and can be made to appear in any skin tone, natural or unnatural. This material is loaded with a myriad of minuscule sensors which can take in data such as temperature, texture, weight, and even pain when applicable. The Skin may only repair itself if there is enough mass available to effect a repair. In cases which significant mass is lost, material must be added so that the body may repair itself. Repairs are effected by the synthetic material bonding to itself when electricity is applied. Depending on how the electricity is applied, it can also move short distances and retract or expand- this is so that in case a large amount of the material is lost, replacement material can be applied, and it will appear as normal 'skin' within a day or so.

Repair Material comes in a spray can, and when sprayed on it is white and foamy, but as it is integrated by the skin system, it takes on the pigment, texture, and shape of the lost material that it is replacing. This material is capable of creating semi-complex structures, such as tubes for the cooling system, sensors for touch, and even forming the signal conduits which send the electricity through the skin to make it repair itself.

Computers and Electronics

Audio System

The Mimicom houses a sophisticated audio system which is integrated within the unit itself. These systems are located in the standard positions for Humanoids. The audio receivers are located within the Mimicom's ears, and the Main voice synthesizer is located within the throat. These systems are much more sensitive and effective than their organic counterparts- the Mimicom has incredibly sensitive hearing, and it can mimic any sound that it hears or receives a recording of perfectly. While the Mimicom technically does not need to move its mouth in order to speak, it does so to give its voice a more natural sound, and to make it appear more human.


The BANGLE, or Broadcast Area Network Generator/Link Equipment, is a structure found on every single Mimicom, and the defining feature that sets it apart visually from other androids available in the Kikyo sector. The BANGLE is normally found in the form of a somewhat bulky bracelet around the right wrist of the Mimicom, but can also be found on either wrist, as an armband, an anklet, a collar, or a headband.

As its name suggests, the BANGLE is a device which can broadcast and receive signals to form an area network which other wireless devices can connect to, and which can also communicate with NH-series bodies. The BANGLE's network can broadcast up to 1 kilometer, but generally only broadcasts as far as the nearest communications relay, but it can receive signals from almost any distance. Additionally, the BANGLE contains hardware with which the Mimicom can be hard-connected to other computer systems, or other Mimicoms. This hardware consists of a two-meter long retractable cable with a universal connector, and a universal connection port, both of which are normally concealed beneath a small panel.

The Link, as this hard-connection cable is called, is a somewhat faster, considerably more secure method of data transfer than wireless, though it is restricted to direct access and has no range beyond the few meters of retractable cable stored within the BANGLE. Curiously, if two Mimicoms simultaneously link to one another, they will share random bits of data with one another, generally of sensory data, which is usually processed as a pleasurable event for the two Mimicoms involved. A single-wire transfer, however, does not create this phenomenon and is the accepted method of data transfer between Mimicoms.

Consort AI

The Mimicom uses a modified version of the Consort AI which was designed for the FATE system. The Consort AI system is based off of the original DESTINY pattern that has been used by Origin nearly since its creation, but it has been modified specifically for a more intimate and personal relationship with the individuals it works with. The Consort AI is a learning AI which stores its memories and experiences and draws upon these to create its own personality and perception of the world, eventually becoming sentient under the correct conditions. As such the Mimicom can either stay stubbornly non-sentient or rapidly develop sentience based upon the relationships it forms; if it is always treated as an item or piece of equipment, it will continue to believe and act that it is such. Conversely, if the Mimicom is treated like another person, if it is regularly engaged with in conversation, and otherwise stimulated as an individual rather than an object, it will achieve its own sentience.

Once a Mimicom achieves sentience, it is subject to the Laws of the nation in which it is located regarding artificial intelligence and Sentience. For example, a Mimicom in Yamatai would fall under the jurisdiction of Yamataian Law

Visual Sensors

The Mimicom houses a number of Visual sensors, though the primary sensors are located within its eyes. The majority of the other visual systems are standard-resolution nanocameras designed to work with the Volumetric system, and can record volumetric images.

The two main visual sensors located within the eye sockets are very versatile, high-resolution cameras which have a visual acuity somewhere around ten times that of a standard Nepleslian's. These ocular sensors can also detect certain types of radiation such as ultraviolet light, infrared light, and function similarly to scientific scanners, taking spectral images which can give an idea as to the identity of a given material sample.

Volumetric Systems

The Mimicom has a fairly sophisticated Volumetric Display system integrated into its construction. The Volumetric systems are spread throughout the entire body, and includes an integrated Apparel Array. The volumetric systems are designed to function in multiple ways- it can display one to five Volumetirc screens, each of which will display a different image. The Volumetric system can also display the image of a person superimposed over the Mimicom itself, although this image is not perfect. The volumetric system can also create facsimiles of items up to a meter away from the Mimicom, though the objects cannot be more than half a cubic meter.

X-type Quantum Computer

The Mimicom uses an X-type Quantum Computer for its computing needs. This computer is located within the head of the unit, and is encased by the Mimicom's Durandium skull for protection.

Additional Systems

Heat Management

A Mimicom's body is generally slightly warmer than that of a human's due to its fusion power source providing quite a lot of heat. The Heat is transported throughout the body via water-filled tubes which help the heat spread out and discharge over a larger surface area. Water is drawn from the reservoir to circulate through these tubes, returning when it has been cooled down to a low enough temperature to be used for cooling again. These tubes can be closed at certain points to minimize water loss caused by damage to the structure. The Tubes themselves are made from the same material as the synthetic skin, and will repair themselves over time if they have enough matter after being damaged.


Powered Movement

The locomotion system of the Mimicom is actually based upon the power assist systems from the Impulse Powered Armor, and is compatible with the power assistance components. The Mimicom uses a set of OI-M2-N3100 basic nanomuscle groups to provide basic locomotion for its body, making it incredibly strong for its size- a Mimicom can lift 1500 pounds minus its own weight. This strength is normally not used, however, and exists mainly for emergency situations.

However, for fine motor skills and manipulation of body structures too small to be directly influenced by the OI-M2-N3100 nanomuscle groups, another, weaker type of nanomuscluature is provided, which is nearly exactly analogous to the musculature of humanoids. This nanomusculature, while not as powerful as the main locomotors, is still stronger than an average humanoid, giving the Mimicom a firm grip, impeccable balance, and the ability to finely manipulate its motor functions for a given task.

All the Nanomusculature structures are black in color, and look similar to organic musculature, except that they contain less fibers, but the fibers provided are much thicker and stronger. The black color of the nanomusculature is usually not seen unless damage has occurred to the outer skin covering. If damage is sustained by the fine musculature, it can self-repair within a week, as long as no material has been lost. Heavy damage, or damage to the main M2-N3100 locomotors requires replacement of the damaged component.

Jointed Skeleton

The Mimicom contains a jointed Skeleton which is designed to mimic the function of a Humanoid skeleton. However, unlike a Humanoid skeleton, the Mimicom's skeleton contains doll-like double-ended ball joints, which allow for a slightly greater range of motion. These joints are supported by specific musculature designed specifically for the application.

Power Systems

Power generation

The Mimicom is powered via a HONEY BURST power generator located in the Torso. Because the Mimicom has relatively low power needs, a fuel supply lasts six months under normal operations, although a heavy user may need to refuel the Mimicom on a weekly basis. The BURST system also powers a self-refueling function, which uses electrolysis to extract hydrogen from humidity in the air, though it is more effective to make the Mimicom drink in order to electrolyze enough hydrogen to continue functioning. Roughly four liters of water must be drunk in order to completely fill the fuel supply.

A Mimicom may also be opened up and have its fuel supply replaced with a fresh one manually, in which case a backup capacitor system allows the Mimicom to function for up to 12 hours. This method is much more difficult than other methods but will result in a full fuel supply the fastest.

A side effect of the Electrolysis system is that the Mimicom will breathe out Oxygen when it is refueling itself.

Power distribution and control

The power provided by the BURST reactor is distributed throughout the Mimicom's body via a system of cables and wiring, which in most cases run through the hollow centers of the Durandium skeleton. Special connectors are located at the joints, which allows a limb to be removed at the joint without damaging the wiring system- this makes limbs virtually plug-and-play, as the specific wiring does not need to be bothered with. These wires also double duty as control wires, transmitting signals to the various systems on the body as well as the power to perform the desired actions.


The Mimicom has an internal reservoir which it uses to store water for Electrolysis. This reservoir takes place of the stomach and can hold about half a liter of water at any given time.


The Mimicom mimics respiration, or breathing. It has two lung-like sacs which are opened and closed by a nanomuscle structure similar to a Diaphragm. However, these are not for gas exchange so much as the gathering of water from the atmosphere, as well as to expel oxygen. These structures are constantly in use, whether they are taking in water or not, so that the Mimicom appears to be breathing.

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