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Origin Industries

Company Statistics
Established YE 30
Employees 200,000 at Dawn Station, 500,000 Dispersed.
Associated FactionsIndependent,Yamatai Star Empire, Abwehran Star Empire
Headquarters Tami System, Dawn Station (Ake System)
Nomenclature IDOI- or ORIN-

Mission Statement

Origin Industries is dedicated to the manufacture of public goods. They focus on transportation and defense. The range of products goes from personal firearms to large spacecraft. Unlike some other companies, they enjoy producing quality over quantity, but this is only helpful to their business.


In YE 29, three like-minded people got together bent on starting a company through which they could submit their designs. Though all three wanted to design things, none of them wanted to design the same kind of thing, so they broke it up into three sub-companies all under the main corporation.

During YE 30, once sales began, Origin Industries found they had enough excess to start a fourth company, which specialized in Power Armors and Mecha.

In YE 31, origin was forced off of Tami, and made their new headquarters at their station known as the OOSY, or Dawn station. Once settled, the corporation got several orders for equipment, from the Star Army of Yamatai and the Abwehran Star Empire

By YE 33, Origin's volume of sales and its success in the market brought its share up from a small upstart and into one of the largest active corporations in the Kikyo sector. With an expansion of people flooding into the company's two starbases, the establishment of a number of stores on most inhabited worlds, the addition of personnel to its commercial fleet, and the growing number of contracts from governments and other large organizations, as well as a growing range of products to produce and sell, Origin has spent most of its capital on expanding, and building up resources in order to expand further, all in the name of better serving customers.

While Origin seemed to be doing fairly well in all markets, late YE 33 saw a lot more focus on the general civilian market, with considerably less of its money spent on the development of military-type items, although money was still poured into that area in order to support and expand upon existing technology and research a few niche designs, as well as foster relationships between the corporation and national governments or militaries.


Origin industries' Original headquarters and manufacturing facility were based on Tami, due to the large amount of space available for them to build the site. it was also chosen because it is fairly close to Yamatai, Elysia, and Nepleslia.

After Tami was invaded by Mishhuvurthyar, their headquarters were moved to an out-of-the-way star system, Ake, to protect corporate holdings from attack, until YE 34, when the Fifth fleet retook Tami, allowing Origin to return.


The Origin-Mart, more commonly simply known as Ori-Mart, is Origin's face throughout the Kikyo sector. These normally industrial-sized consumer dreamlands serve as an outlet and retail paradise for origin's products, which range from hygiene items all the way up to star ships. While not all Origin-Mart locations carry all products, many of them are large, and most of them will carry consumer goods, personnel-grade weaponry, ground vehicles, and shuttlecraft. Any non-restricted Origin item can be ordered from any Ori-Mart, regardless of size.


When it comes to Quality, Look to the start! Origin Industries! Quality products since YE 30!

Important figures

Aerin Tatst- Yamataian, Female
Aerin Is the main starship designer and head of the branch known as OrIn Fleet Yards.

Ray Gladstone- Geshrin, Male
Ray is a car nut and designs for and heads the OMC.

Rob Robertson the Third- Nepleslian, Male
Rob Robertson is a fairly stereotypical Nepleslian, and loves guns. He has spent most of his years learning the inner workings of weapons of all types and now designs his own. He heads up ODM.

Kelly Williams- Nepleslian, Male
Kelly Williams is the head of OAW's Mecha design and test program, serving to organize personnel and act as a task manager. Having previously been a member of the team under a different manager, he has hands-on experience and technical know-how for effectively running his department.


Employment Information



Origin Industries' facilities on Tami include several buildings, one being the research and manufacturing facility of OrIn and ODM, another being the factory for OMC, and the third being the main offices of the corporation. Also on the grounds is a small spaceport with a control tower, and outdoor storage for the larger products made by Origin Industries. This Facility was abandoned due to a Mishhuvurthyar Invasion between YE 31 and YE 34, with all operations moved to Dawn Station during the meantime. The Tami facility remained inactive during YE 35 for extensive refurbishing and remodeling.

Origin Orbital Shipyards

The ORIN Orbital Shipyards (OOSY) is a large space station which has recently been completed. The OOSY is Origin's new main manufacturing base after the evacuation of Tami. Also known as Dawn Station, the OOSY will hopefully be able to support Origin for years to come.

Product lines

Works In Progress

On Hold

Finances and Resources

Only Major purchases and orders are recorded here. Daily operation, employee pay, and normal income is not taken into account 1)

ReasonDeposit/Withdrawal Amount Total after Transaction
Initial Deposit +100,000 KS 100,000 KS
Startup Loan +500,000 KS 600,000 KS
Facility construction - 150,000 KS 450,000 KS
Production run # 1 - 400,000 KS 50,000 KS
Sales + 125,000,000 175,000,000 KS
Bought 2 Hikari-Class Mining Ship -350,000 174,650,000 KS
Sold one Mobile Assembly Platform +500,000 175,150,000 KS
Huge Order from SAOY +150,000,000 325,150,000 KS
Order from Abwehrans +26,522,500 KS 351,672,500 KS
Production -175,813,750 KS 175,813,750 KS
Order from SAoY + 3,070,000 KS 178,883,750 KS
Paragon Impulse Order +22,500,000 KS 201,383,750 KS
Paragon Escort-Ship Order +6,150,000 KS 207,533,750 KS
Paragon Scimitar Star Fighter Order + 3,200,000 KS 210,733,957 KS
Paragon General Weapons and Equipment Order + 10,000,000 KS 220,733,957 KS
Paragon 5 Year Unlimited PAWN Production Rights + 10,000,000 KS 230,733,957 KS
Paragon QUEEN Order + 500,000 KS 231,233,957 KS
Paragon DAWN Station Construction Space Rent + 1,500,000 KS 232,733,957 KS
Paragon General Weapons and Equipment Order + 182,864,000 KS 415,597,957 KS
Gartegen "Viras Custom" Impulses, Packs and Advisers + 180,000 KS 415,777,957 KS
Paragon Blowout Sale Special! - 37,800,000 KS 377,977,957 KS

Origin Industries in Roleplay

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Origin industries is made to add a little bit of depth and variety to some of the more mundane things, such as cars or cargo ships. It's also another place where players can have their ideas created and come to fruition as something usable in the SA universe, aimed more for Civilians rather than militaries.


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