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Origin Mart

Origin Mart is the name given to Origin Industries' retail stores. While there are a number of retailers which sell Origin goods, you can find nearly everything Origin makes for sale at an Origin mart.

While the size, shape, and amenities at any given Origin mart will differ based on the location and available real estate for building and spreading out, the average Origin Mart will be constructed as described in the rest of the article.


Origin Mart started from Origin's first combined production/retail facility on Tami before Origin was forced to move elsewhere. after Origin was able to build Dawn Station and remake its headquarters there, Origin knew it needed a method of getting its products out across the galaxy aside from the simple direct sales model it had originally employed, instead building several large warehouse department stores on major planets beginning in YE 31, which eventually grew to the vast network of Origin Marts located across the Kikyo sector. It is said that there is at least one Origin Mart on every major inhabited planet, if not more.


The typical Origin Mart around 100,000 square feet indoors, with an extra 20,000 square feet of covered and semi-covered outdoor space. The parking lot has room for 500 cars, and there is an attached vehicle sales lot with room for 100 vehicles in front, with space for up to forty aircraft in the back, split by a ten-bay automotive repair shop with a dual-bay hangar behind it for aircraft repair. Behind the whole facility is a small airstrip or spaceport that can handle light starships, shuttles, and short-takeoff aircraft such as light sport planes and certain types of medium cargo craft.


The Origin-Mart is split up into several departments, each handling different aspects of daily life, from homemaking, to automobiles, and everything in between. If you need it, and it's common, the Origin-mart probably has it.


The Grocery section contains all the normal daily food items most people need. From Dairy to meats, breads and cereals, soft drinks, cake mixes, candies, and canned food, soups and scones, the Origin-mart's grocery section sells just about everything.


The Housewares section contains all the housewares and homemaking supplies needed to furnish and care for a home. Small furniture, flatware, pillows, rugs, mats, picture frames, and cleaning supplies can be found in this section.


Generic Electronics are so easy to come by. The Origin Mart sells them in droves- Televisions, personal computers, communicators, gaming systems, music players, and other household devices are sold here.

Sporting Goods

the Origin mart sells all kinds of sporting goods, from weight equipment, to balls for playing, and all sorts of sports instruments such as bats, cleats, gloves, and safety equipment.

Firearms and Personal Defense

The Origin mart sells the full line of Origin firearms. While most larger stores will sell such items as the Impulse, smaller locations have them stored off-site and they must be ordered and shipped from a secure location and may take several days to arrive at the store.

Garden and Landscaping

The Origin-mart's garden and landscaping section is outside of the actual store, on the large covered or semi-covered patio. It sells items such as small plants, gardening materials, and outdoor items such as barbecues, Outdoor furniture, and some kinds of portable chairs, as well as Bicycles, meaning that this department's name is a slight misnomer.

Automotive and Aircraft

Separate from the main building, the automotive section sells everything that Origin Motors makes, aside from the Trains, and the Mocca cargo plane. The Vehicles are out front, and the aircraft are in the back, so that they have access to the airstrip.

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