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OI-V2-1A Swordbreaker Interceptor

The Swordbreaker was designed in YE 37 by Origin Industries to serve as an interceptor starfighter for starship defense.

About the Ship

In a sense the Swordbreaker is a successor to the Scimitar Starfighter, however it was designed to focus solely on interception so it has reduced its armor and increased its maneuverability.

Key Features

  • High maneuverability thanks to Inertia Drive
  • Very high acceleration, even for a fighter.
  • G-force countermeasures within the cockpit.
  • Designed to engage directly against other starfighters and PA
  • modular weapon hardpoints

Mission Specialization

The Swordbreaker was designed to fight directly with Power Armor and other starfighters using its maneuverability and on board Ion Disruptors to serve as a distraction and protect it's convoy. It was not designed to take on heavier targets, leaving that roll to bombers and ships with more firepower.


From above the Swordbreaker has an almost dart like appearance with sleek curves to give it a sporty look. On the underside of the minimized 'wings' are apertures for light weapon attachments. The landing gear fold up into the main body preserving the sleek look even if aerodynamics aren't needed in space flight. The craft comes standard in an almost mint green color but can be ordered in almost any color.

History and Background

When designing new ships the Origin Industries Fleet Yards design teams came to a realization that they spent a large amount of time thinking about how a ship could protect itself, so in order to gain more insight they began asking captains about what they felt was important to a ships defense.One of the answers they frequently received was surprising. Captain's felt that it was important to have capable starfightrs, not for attacking, but for stopping enemy starfighters so that the bridge crew can focus on dealing with other starships.

So after hearing the replies Origin Industries Fleet Yards got to work designing a starfighter that could fill the role of an interceptor. Emphasis was put on maneuverability and drawing attention from the starship as quickly as possible, so the decision was made to use ion based weapons, which would keep enemy fighters and power armor from targeting as easily while still being fairly light.

Statistics and Performance


  • Class: OI-V2-1A
  • Type: Light Interceptor Starfighter
  • Designers: Origin industries
  • Manufacturer: Origin Industries
  • Production: mass production
  • Fielded by: Origin industries, Independent, etc.
  • Price: 33,000 KS


  • Crew: 1.
  • Maximum Capacity: 2; A second person can be squeezed into the cockpit bubble if need be.


  • Length: 6.3 meters
  • Width: 3.7 meters
  • Height: 2.2 meters

Propulsion and Range

  • Sublight Engines:0.39C forward
  • Lifespan: 10+ years, with proper maintenance.
  • Refit Cycle: once every 6 months

Damage Capacity

  • Hull: 10
  • Shields: 15 (threshold 3)

Inside the Ship

The cockpit of the Swordbreaker is all contained in a bubble structure of Transparent Durandium, though it is transparent, as it is embedded in the rear section of the ship and covered by a cupola of sorts, it can not be seen through in standard operation, only when ejected.

The standard controls are based on a standard center stick with side throttle control however they can easily be replaced upon request. The craft's sensors can feed and project a virtual projection of the surroundings onto the cockpit bubble or into the pilot's helmet at their choosing. In line with this, physical indicators have been minimized in favor of a virtual HUD that is customizable and follows line of sight.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Swordbreaker is constructed out of Durandium Alloy, the armor is somewhat thin to lower the craft's weight as well.

Computers and Electronics

The Swordbreaker's computing needs are handled by a Destiny AI "Pawn" suite

Emergency/Safety Systems

Emergency Eject: A lever inside the cockpit can be pulled which releases the hood over the cockpit bubble and ejects the whole cockpit assembly out of the craft. This is so that anything inside the cockpit might be saved along with the pilot. The Transparent Durandium bubble provides a wide view of the surroundings, and a low power gravity drive gives the pilot the ability to move the cockpit bubble around once it's been ejected. Internal gravity control: The system used to control the cockpit bubble when it's ejected remains functional when the bubble is in normal operation as well. However instead of controlling the bubble's movement it's used to counteract the G-force form ship maneuvers, otherwise a pilot could not use the craft's capabilities to the fullest.

Life Support Systems

An oxygen tank along with air renewal system inside the cockpit bubble can provide three days of breathable air for one person.


The sword breaker is powered by a HONEY CRUSH reactor


The Swordbreaker uses three conventional plasma thrusters as it's primary propulsion system. The two thrusters on the 'wings' serve as as extra acceleration and stabilization. There are also positioning thrusters on the ship, however at first glance they seem under powered, but they manage when working with the Inertia Drive.

Inertia Drive: Though not strong enough to propel the ship, an inertia control system has been installed in the Swordbreaker. Using this system the pilot can have fine control of the direction of the ship's inertia, enabling the ship to change it's course very easily and quickly. A skillful enough pilot can use this not just for turning but for unconventional maneuvers such as strafing.

Alternate power:

Shield Systems

The Swordbreaker relies on 3 separate shielding systems housed in a compartment near the front of the ship. This module generates electromagnetic, gravity, and navigational shields for the ship

Weapons Systems

  • (2)Heavy Lasers: Tier 7, Light Anti-Mecha
  • (2)Twin Barrel Ion Disruptor: These twin barreled guns are mounted onto the fuselage of the Swordbreaker and serve as the craft's go to weapon. They fire rapid ionic burst that are not very strong against armor, but do significant damage to shields and can temporarily overload systems if they strike their mark enough.
    • Purpose:Shield penetration and system malfunction
    • Damage: Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor (4 against shields)
    • Range: 50,000km in space
    • Rate of Fire:5 a second

Hard Points

The Swordbreaker has the following hardpoints that can be equipped with items from Origin Starfighter Accessories

  • Light-duty Hardpoint: x2

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