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Type 42 Road Safety Kit

Designed in YE 42, the Type 42 road safety kit is a commercially available kit which contains necessary essentials for emergencies while on the road.

Designer: Origin Motors
Nomenclature: Type 42 Road Safety Kit
Manufacturer: Origin Industries
Fielded by: Various


The Type 42 Road Safety kit was a compact kit filled with handy items to have in case of an emergency happens while traveling on the road in a ground vehicle. while nothing special, it was a consolidation of many varied items travelers often had to buy separate, creating a convenient way to have peace of mind while traveling.


The Type 42 Road Safety Kit is a collection of useful items to have in case of an emergency while traveling. All of the products are very generic, and easily replaced if used or damaged, allowing the kit itself to be restocked if need be.

  • 4 Red glowsticks
  • 2 Mylar blankets1), Folded
  • Synthetic leather work gloves, 1 pair
  • Reflective triangle, folding.
  • Flashlight, LED.
  • 2 lightweight ponchos
  • Lightweight reflective safety vest
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pliers, adjustable with cutters.


The Type 42 Road Safety Kit is a sturdy duffel bag, that is roughly 10cm by 10cm by 4cm, and has a zipper that goes around the narrow side, though it only unzips three of the sides. Inside, a series of dividers keeps the contents organized and neat, as well as keeps them easily distinguished from one another.


The Type 42 Road Safety Kit is commercially available anywhere Origin products are sold, and is often included for no cost with new vehicles purchased from Origin.

  • Recommended Retail Price
    • Type 42 Road Safety Kit: 50KS

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