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Origin Industries Uniform

The basic Origin uniform is a fusion of styles that was designed to be equally at home in the office, or out in the field. There are several variations, but most every Origin employee has at least one standard uniform.

The lovely Tira Gambizam shows off the OI uniform.


The Origin Industries uniform shirt is a white button up, collared shirt, with the OI logo over the left breast. It can be short or long sleeved, and is worn with a blue tie that has the OI logo on it.


The OI jacket is a short, somewhat heavy Tunic, The shoulder and neck section is green, while the rest of the Tunic is mostly black, aside from two blue rings near the ends of the Sleeves. It is worn with a blue belt that has a Silver buckles etched with the OI logo.


When in environments with harsher weather conditions, a long black anorak with a green upper section, similar to the jacket, and hood may be worn. The back of the overcoat has a large OI logo located in the center.


The OI Uniform can be worn with black slacks, or either a long or short black pencil skirt. (females only)


The Origin uniform hat is simply a green garrison cap. Service pins indicating how long the employee has been with the company are worn on the left forward flap.


There are two main types of footwear issued by Origin industries, but almost any black, closed-toed footwear is allowed.

  • Boots: Origin's boots are mid-calf height boots made from either treated leather or a fire-resistant synthetic material which is also waterproof. Both styles of boots come with slip-resistant synthetic rubber soles , and zip up the front with a locking zipper. They come in black, and have green and blue accents on the soles.
  • Dress Shoes: Origin's Dress shoes are a shiny leather shoe that is very plain, lacing up the front. they are very comfortable, with lots of support and cushioning. The soles are made of slip-resistant synthetic rubber. Colors are black, with blue and green accents on the soles.

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