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"Whisker" Sensor Drone

A sensor drone designed in YE 37 based off the older Sensor Probes used with Origin's Starfighters.

The Whisker drones are designed with the Sensor Probes as a base so when stored they look much like projectiles of some kind. However after they are launched they unfold into a more plane like apperance with a 2 meter body length and almost 3 meter wing span. It runs on a HONEY BURST reactor which provides enough fuel for a typical launch to a planet in the same solar system and then to be left idle for a month and still send data back. The main improvement though from the old probes is that this system is meant to be reused, as such it comes with the Destiny AI "PAWN" system integrated along with a simple AI that can allow it avoid danger and make it's way back home.

The Whisker drones do not have any built in self defense systems, however they do have minor detection avoidance systems that make it so they are generally not noticed unless they're being looked for.

  • Nomenclature: OI-Y4-E3700
  • Speed: .45c
  • Price: 2000 KS

The Whisker drone contains the following sensor types:

  • Electromagnetic sensors
  • Electrogravitic sensors (scalar)
  • Soliton sensors (Wave Packets)
  • Unified field mass/energy sensors (Field of force sensors (Ie, Gravity, Radioactivity, and Energy))
  • Neutrino sensors (nuclear reaction sensors)
  • Tachyon sensors (faster than light)
  • Aether detectors
  • Visual sensors
  • Mass Detectors

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