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Oshima National Industries (ONI)

Company Statistics
Founded YE 39
Associated Factions Presently
Origin Industries
Zen Armaments
The Black Syndicate
Nomenclature ONI
Headquarters Sapparo, Planet Oshima
Key People Hiroshi Takamata CEO and Founder
(Aka. The Man from Tange)
Armaments Produced by ONI
Components Produced by ONI
Ship Compartments Used by ONI

An interesting collection of industrialists, technicians, and those with various pieces of advanced knowledge. It's acronym inspired by the legend of old of the angry red skinned demon ogre known as an Oni. ONI started as a cabal of like minded Jiyuuian survivors spread across the Kikyo Sector. Most having known each other before the fall of the UOC in various capacities and having reached out to one another afterwards. The front runner to this effort was Hiroshi Takamata, a former resident of the Tange system and one of the few lucky ones to be away in Lorathi space during the fall.

A proposal to a possible benefactor, the The Black Syndicate was simple, he and his cabal would jump start the ship manufacturing capabilities of Zen Armaments from a near decade old slump in activity. The Jiyuuian end of the arrangement was simple, a new home and a chance at starting over. The deal was struck and his modest collection of survivors found themselves on Planet Oshima with modest resources and a deadline. Through most of YE 38 miracles where worked, more personnel arrived either summoned by friends, family, or simply the rumor of a second chance and by the beginning of the next year this industrial effort had a name, Oshima National Industries. As of YE 39 their contribution to the shipbuilding efforts of the systems other planet was simply components, the ease and quickness at which they'd gone from theoretical to design had impressed their credit holders. However a more significant deal in the form of selling the newly founded company to Origin Industries resulted in their creditors handing off their debt to the corporate giant along with the entirety of their assets in the Hades Star System.

Mission and Goals

  • The establishment of a self-sufficient Jiyuuian industrial base on planet Oshima.
  • To contribute to the establishment of a new fully fledged independent Jiyuuian state on planet Oshima.
  • To eventually expand into a sizable industrial concern with multiple product areas including military, technological, electronics, agricultural, and colony applications.

Designers and Key Personnel

  • Hiroshi Takamata (Aka. The Man from Tange)
    • Species - Jiyuuian
    • A quiet family man and one of the few lucky ones to have been outside of the UOC's borders during its fall to the NMX nearly a decade ago. He is a tall lanky pale skinned man with Asiatic features, he has sandy brown hair usually kept at moderate length. He can typically be seen wearing a pair of round spectacles primarily for the look although they're 'smart' glasses with a HUD, with these a simple business suit is also typically worn. Originally a quiet salaryman looking to raise a family, now he finds himself slowly using its steady and silent determination to rebuild what had been a dream into something that's a reality.
    • Species - Jiyuuian
    • The defacto head of day to day operations for Oshima National Industries, she manages most of the security and logistical operations carried out within the confines of ONI's corporate entity.

Notable Installations, Complexes, and Bases

  • Sapporo Surface Fleet Yards
    • Description - A somewhat experimental venture into surface shipyards launched when the need arose for a ability to manufacture the first generation of their own star ship designs. It consists of a large paved area of thirty square kilometers with numerous ship production lines. These start in foundry complexes which gradually work their way through various assembly buildings before the end in a final assembly cradle all lined by large cranes and movable overhead cover.
  • Mori Heavy Machine Works
    • Description - The pilot plant for a mostly automated design consisting of a large twenty square kilometer structure with a closed line production style, meaning raw materials go in and finished products come out. Vast interior manufacturing lines with programmable component 3D printers allow the complex to change 'tooling' with the stroke of a few electronic keys. For now the Mori plant is being used to support the Oshiman population's fledgling industrial industry but plans as of YE 39 have been started to both expand Mori HMW and begin building more facilities like it.

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