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-====== LCS2 Electromagnetic Coil Gun ====== 
-==== About the LCS2 ==== 
-A light EM coilgun design intended as a general purpose secondary weapon for Paragon'​s various vehicles, aircraft, and starships. ​ 
-==== Details ==== 
-**Produced By:** [[paragon]]\\ 
-**Primary Role:** General Purpose, Anti-material\\ 
-**Secondary Role:** Multipurpose\\ 
-**Bore:** 25mm\\ 
-**Length:** 2 meters\\ 
-**Range:** Unlimited (In vacuum), 8-10km\\ 
-**Rate of Fire:** 750RPM\\ 
-**Muzzle Velocity:** 6,000 meters per second\\ 
-**[[guide:​damage_rating_v2]]:​ ** 
-====ML-1 25x140mm==== 
-Type: Electromagnetic Projectile 
-  *ML1-T1 25x140mm Saboted Tungsten Flechette (15.3x108mm Dart) ADR 5 
-  *ML1-T2 25x140mm High Explosive Incendiary ADR 4 
-  *ML1-T3 25x140mm Armor Piercing Incendiary Effects, Jacketed Magnesium Burst Charge ADR 4 
-  *ML1-T4 25x140mm High Explosive Armor Piercing Incendiary ADR 4 
-  *ML1-T5 25x140mm Flechette shell (sixteen 5mm tungsten flechettes) ADR 2