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Gene Manipulation

Gene manipulation is a service that Psychopomp LLC offers its clientele and uses for personal gain behind the public's eye. To the public, they offer their services to better the growth and development of a child, reducing and eradicated the chance of birth defects in the child. Psychopomp has taken it one step further, a step that exists only in private. They have altered the process by which a child grows normally in the womb and created the framework for a child predisposed to fighting and combat. Children that have undergone this process include Alex Tasuki.

More about Gene Manipulation

There are several ways Psychopomp researchers and scientists change the properties of children in the womb.

Such changes available to the public include:
  • Elimination of blindness and enhanced eyesight.
  • Annihilation of developmental disorders.
  • Eradication of spinal defects.
  • Enhanced cognition.
  • Enlarged sexual organs (male).
Changes to the fetus that Psychopomp employs privately include:
  • Strengthening of bones.
  • Better blood flow to muscles.
  • Enhanced response time.
  • Stronger skin.
  • Tough guy attitude.

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