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Super Soldier Initiative

The Super Soldier Initiative or SSI for short is a program that has been conducted by Psychopomp LLC to create super soldiers for their PMC branch. There are many who have undergone this initiative with great success. Those who are enhanced are put to work as mercenaries for the company as payment.

About SSI

Originally the SSI was the brainchild of a demented scientist that history has forgotten. This scientist, who likely was partially insane, was brilliant enough that Psychopomp was willing to overlook it. With the perverse desire to play god with other human beings, this madman then approached Kristen Romanov with an idea for a program that would both satisfy that whim and create profit for the company. The result was the SSI.

Based in System 87D, The SSI occupies a sprawling complex composed of several asteroids conjoined by manmade walkways.

SSI Privately

For the abducted children Psychopomp often uses, this project is a horrific one. These children have often undergone Gene Manipulation, as well as the cocktail of cybernetics, Mecha Employed Muscular Enhancement, Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism and have operator guidance units or OGU's. Every day these abducted 'recruits' are subjected to physical and emotional abuse at the hands of trainers and guards, before being taken to eat a meager meal. They are then taken to hand to hand combat instruction and specialized training.

SSI Publicly

Those willfully brought into the SSI go through rigorous training routines as well as the cocktail of Cybernetics Aided Technology, Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism, and Mecha Employed Muscular Enhancement technologies in order to be made into the best soldier they possibly can be. Often they are then sold off to private military companies, become mercenaries, or are bought and sold in similar fashion. The willful SSI participant does not interact with the abductees and has no knowledge of the covert operations of Psychopomp.

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