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The Ragnarok Private Military Corporation (PMC) is a paramilitary organization who specialize in infantry and mechanized combat. Its current leader and CEO Cyrus Marshal.


In late YE 38, the Ragnarok PMC was founded by Cyrus and a small group of people in the Hollow Point bar on New Belfast. They conducted their first mission for the city government of Icefall, to eliminate a gang who had been terrorizing the locals there.

After completing the mission successfully, Cyrus was contacted by Uso and an old squadmate of his during his NSMC days, Raphael Castiel. They offered Ragnarok a job, to help take control of Planet Osman and to protect it while the new regime took over. Cyrus took it and Ragnarok has been based out of Osman to this day.

After helping take over the world and putting down a rebellion, Ragnarok began recruiting from the locals of Osman as well as setting up a satellite recruitment office on New Belfast. With the resources coming in from the world, Ragnarok has been able to expand much larger than the hand full of soldiers it started with.


Ragnarok Ranks are as follows:

Commissioned Officers
Brigader General
Lieutenant Commander
Enlisted Ranks
Master Sergeant
Lance Corporal
Private First Class
Private Second Class


Currently, Ragnarok is broken up into multiple “Companies” each one lead by a Major or Colonel.

Company Nickname
Fyrst Company Hell's Dragons
Annarr Company The Mauraders
Briði Company The Pack
Fjórir Company The Wreckers
Fimm Company The Reavers

Current numbers

Raganrok currently has around 4,265 combat trained personnel and that number is steadily climbing as time goes on.

They also have about 500 logistical personnel.

OOC Notes

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