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Bixii Clinic

A brand of health clinics established by Ryu Keiretsu in YE 43. The clinics provide general healthcare to the masses, as well as cybernetics maintenance/installation and genetic enhancements. The clinics also serve as research facilities for anything minus pathogens/anything dangerous. As a chain of medical facilities, all share common characteristics.


A partnership between RyuK's, Advancer Enterprises and Zhuhai Medical Industries, Bixii Clinic (Named after a Hanyadi doctor) were designed to make healthcare more accessible (and affordable outside of Yamatai) to non-NH series lifeforms. The first clinics were opened on Tatiana in cities such as Inuyama. But by late YE 43, Biixi Clinics were starting to spread to other major systems in the Yamatai Star Empire.

Plans are drawn up to build a clinic in Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia space before the end of YE 44. Though leaks and rumors that the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan plans to get closer to the Reds has caused some souring of the brand within their space.


If someone was to describe Bixii Clinics with one word, “White” would be a common word thrown out. In order to show the cleanliness to patients, staff, and prospective customers; clinics have a sterile but stylish white and grey aesthetic. Potted plants in corners and gardens are a common sight in order to counter the sterile environment.

Reception Area

No matter the location, you will always be greeted at the entrance of a Biixi Clinic with a pair of stone lions. Passing the guardians of prosperity and fortune, the reception area consists of the following:

  • Receptionist Desk
  • Sitting Area
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) Offices

Receptionist Desk

Often located to the right of the entrance, you will be warmly greeted once you enter the area.

Sitting Area

Located in between the receptionist desk and the CSR Offices, the sitting area contains comfortable couches, a large volumetric display, and a little snack bar in the corner. While it does function as a waiting area, the true function of the sitting area is to passively advertise and upsell services to patrons while the wait. On the display, advertisements and presentations for Ryu Keiretsu (namely Advancer Enterprises) products are played during the local news channel's broadcasts. The room is also used to give open sale drives once a month.

Customer Service Representive Offices

Designed to be an open office that any one in the sitting room (and those that look in from the enterance), CSR offices are one part customer service for existing clients and 2 parts salesman traps for new clients.

Out-Patient Area

Going past the reception desk and typically hidden by a door, the out-patient area of Biixi Clinics are used by doctors to give both urgent and routine care to clients. The number of rooms in the area depend on the size of the clinic, but normally there are a minimum of 4 Examination Rooms available.

Within each room, there medical equipment to assist medical staff, an examination bed, and desk can be found.

In-Patient Area

In-patient rooms, unlike most other rooms in the clinic, are not typically located in one area together. They are often located on floors 2 and 3 to help lessen the time between surgery and recovery in your own bed. With in a minimum of 8 in-patient rooms, they have the same white sterile look of the clinic. But to ease the minds of in-patients, the contain high quality amenities and entertainment systems.

Surgical Area

Located on the 2nd level of Biixi Clinics along with the research labs, the surgical area is where invasive procedures are conducted. A minimum of 3 surgical rooms are located within the area, along with a security substation and a nurse's station.

Research Area

Medical labs capable of being used as emergency medical rooms like on Star Army of Yamatai ships, the research area of Biixi Clinics are used by medical staff to work with volunteer test subjects. There are also stations within the labs used to gather and examine patients' bloodwork/electromagnetic scans


In order to ensure the masses have easy access to healthcare, Bixii Clinics are always located on public transportation routes. For locations that are in urban areas that allow vehicle traffic, they also have private parking space for personal vehicles. A space for aerovehicles (helicopters/shuttles) is also built in locations that have the room (typically remote regions).


Individuals are always greeted by a friendly receptionist (sentient and non-sentient). For those with out an appointment, they can speak with a Customer Service Representative that can guide them through the latest cybernetics available on the market or consult with an on-site urgent care specialist for common ailments.

For those with appointments, they will be escorted to their appointed doctor to carry out their treatment.

In-patient persons and staff (both security and medical) can be seen away from the public.


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RP Opportunities

Some things characters can do at Bixii Clinics:

  • Look into the latest cybernetics from the Ryu Keiretsu and Nepleslia
  • Get treatment for an illness

Local Rumors

Despite its young age, the Bixii Clinic brand does have a number of rumors as a whole or unique to a clinic. For example:

  • Bixii Clinics are a plot against superiority of NH series lifeforms.
  • Secret bioweapon experiments are conducted with the clinics.

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