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Black Crane Securities

A direct-controlled corporation of the Ryu Keiretsu, Black Crane Securities (BCS) is a Yamataian Private Security Corporation. It is tasked with both Keiretsu and exploration security as well as providing security operations for corporate customers. There is a focus on Yamataian customers first and providing services to allies and neutral factions second.

Company Statistics
Established YE 43
Leadership Mizumitsu Tomomi
Associated Factions Yamatai Star Empire
Headquarters Yamatai (Planet), Yumi Province, Mizumitsu Complex


Since the Mizumitsu Clan merged with the Ryu Clan in BYE 50, the samurai of the Mizumitsu Clan have served counter to the business wing (the Ryu Clan) as the military wing. It largely manifested as corporate security, with the occasional offensive natured operation outside of Yamataian and Nepleslian borders (at the time the same).

In YE 43, it was decided to formalize this arrangement in the form of a private security corporation with a focus on frontier security.


Black Crane Securities operates similarly to a private military corporation with an emphasis on security. Within Yamataian and (rarely) Nepleslian space, they work closely with the local law enforcement to ensure maximum security of clan assets. Black Crane Securities does not have a formal ranking system, instead giving seniority based on length of service and displays of leadership potential.

Mizumitsu Samurai

Functioning as the “special operations” of Black Crane Securities, the Mizumitsu Samurai consists of two parts: the recruited ashigaru and those born into or adopted by the clan. Both are historically drawn from Star Army of Yamatai veterans and reservists, with those of full-status either being born into the clan or adopted by it.

Those not born into the clan receive 7 months of training on both what it means to be a Mizmumitsu samurai as well as the skills needed to be a proper combatant in modern warfare. Discipline, physical training, swordsmanship, and marksmanship are all skills taught to aspiring ashigaru. Prior service members have a truncated training of 4 months where there is more of a focus on discipline and swordsmanship.

They can be found both within and outside of Ryu Keiretsu's facilities, acting in the interests of the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan. Below are the following focuses they provided to Black Crane Securities:

  • Provide oversight of corporate security guards.
  • Physical Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Investigation/Intelligence
  • Mediation
  • Advanced Warfare

Corporate Security

Those in the Corporate Security division are run-of-the-mill security specialists and support personnel, simply there for a paycheck. Trained for 3 months, they are trained on how to support the samurai and what is expected of them. Save for security guards, they are usually not trained on skills and instead bring them into the corporation from outside sources.

They can be found in Ryu Keiretsu's facilities and ships with the following focuses:

  • Physical Security Support
  • Cybersecurity Support
  • Medical Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Engineering Support


Corporate Assets



Black Crane Securities currently has the following assets in their fleet:

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