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Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories

Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories is an independent Yamataian research and development corporation founded by Dr. Saiga Sakiko in early YE 30. Saiga Psychogenetics is headquartered on Yamatai with satellite offices on Tatiana and, formerly, Hoshi no Iori. In the year YE 34, the company opened a cold research biotechnology lab on the eleventh planet of the Asura system and has plans for a corporate branch on its capital world.

At its inception the company's main area of industry was biotech and genetic engineering. When the Second Mishhuvurthyar War broke out, Saiga Psychogenetics diversified into medium and light industries and began a weapons design section. CSEIA produced military-grade SP Labs technology until its destruction. The company is willing to invest in the building of other installations at other markets throughout the Empire and beyond, permitting that regional authorities provide fair and relatively open research and business regulations.

Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories
Short Form Saiga Labs, SP Labs
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Clan Saiga Clan
Product Symbol Sp
OOC Managers raz

About the Company

SP was founded by Dr. Saiga Sakiko, a genetic psychologist and former PNUgen employee who was involved with the creation of the Ningyô Heiki series and helped to perfect a stable synthetic psyche for what would become the Nekovalkyrja. For years, Sakiko criticized her work with PNUgen as having produced “far too independent” a life form. In YE 30, she used the assets at her disposal as the daimyo of the Saiga family to provide the principle investment with which to start the Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories. The first research installations were built on Yamatai, Tatiana, and Hoshi no Iori.


Research at SP Labs is concerned primarily with furthering the ability to genetically program natural and synthetic individuals’ psychological traits. Chiefly among the applications of these behavioral genetics, one of SP Labs’ main goals is to create a synthetic psyche which is perfectly loyal while still being as free-thinking as possible. Although behavioral genetics and the civilian and military applications of which are at the forefront of SP’s projects, the corporation also has applied funds to the research of other genetic and, to a lesser extent, technological advancements.


As the industrial arm of the Saiga Clan, SP Labs has taken on projects increasingly concerned with arms and equipment over the years. The company's first foray into heavy equipment came in YE 30 when the company designed an armed battlecruiser prototype, the YSV Tsukuyomi. They outsourced the production of the ship to CSEIA, a collective of independent scientists and technologists. After the outbreak of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and the destruction of their production partner, the company's leadership decided to build up their own industrial production capability. As the war against the Mishhu ramped up in YE 31, SP Labs designed and produced a mid-sized armored mech for use by the Saiga Clan's security forces. By YE 34, the company could produce heavy equipment on a limited but sufficient scale and had research stations stretching from the Yugumo Cluster to the Yamataian Core.

With the release of the 38 Special in YE 38, SP Labs obtained the license for domestic production and distribution of the weapon and its ammunition in Yamatai. The company is the only official source of the revolver and its ammunition within the Star Empire.

Notable products

OOC Notes

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