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Seven Deadly Virtues

A Mid-sized Pawn and Loan business located in Landsdown on Vice, in the Reservoir System founded in YE 39.

About Seven Deadly Virtues

Seven Deadly Virtues Pawn and Loan, or 7DV for short, is a whole sale/retail pawn and loan for spacefaring customers, especially those in the “salvage” business.


A white field with an image of a black and white panther with light blue eyes above the lettering “7DV”


“Let's Make a Deal!”

General Information

Seven Deadly Virtues
CEO Jimmy Sorano
Faction Independent
Product Symbol 7DV


The Headquarters and main show room occupy a recently renovated four story, 2,000,000 sq ft warehouse. The Sorano family runs all aspects of the business, headed up by the founder and CEO, Jimmy Sorano.


The Main storefront and warehouse is located near the starport in Landsdown for ease of customers to buy, sell, and transport good to and from space ships and transport shuttles. multiple shuttle pads and small ship berths are located on the reinforced roof, for those who wish to load/unload directly. Multiple large lifts allow for the goods to be moved as securely as possible


This is a family owned/operated business. Only those with Sorano blood or joined by marriage are allowed to work in the “business”. Exceptions have been made for those that have earned a blood debt from the family, represented by a gold and platinum disk containing traces of both parties DNA and a corresponding entry in the family Bible; One part holy text, one part genealogy, and one part ledger. Rank is determined by an archaic method of blood and marital ties, both within the family and the business.

Products and Services

Seven Deadly Virtues is a full service pawn, storage, and loan broker. Our friendly staff are available 22 hours a day to meet the needs of any size organization or individual, with the following services available at all hours:

Pawn Services

Seven Deadly Virtues' primary business is the purchase of customers' unwanted items. Seven Deadly Virtues has on retainer several experts from xenoanthropology to star-ship sales and refurbishment, ensuring a fair trade is received. Seven deadly Virtues will make an offer on anything, from antique pins to star ships (both new and used) and shipping containers of raw materials. Disbursement will be offered as currency and (or) showroom credit, via electronic transfer or hard currency as well as in store credit. Speak to a customer representative for more information.


Seven Deadly Virtues operates one of the largest personal loan services in the sector. Customers can apply for a loan, regardless of credit history, at a competitive interest rate. The application process takes only minutes to reach approval, and the fine staff at Seven Deadly Virtues can disperse the loan in any internationally recognized currency via electronic transfer or hard script disbursement.

Disclamer: Please take several additional minutes to read the terms of the note, as Seven Deadly Virtues will enforce the contract to the letter.


For a small monthly fee, Seven Deadly Virtues will store anything. From a small deposit box to a star ship. Customers rest easily knowing their goods are stored securely with 22 hour a day armed security at our main facility. Prices are negotiable based on volume of goods and insured value. Speak to a company representative for more information.

Show Room

After the acquisition of goods from the users of the pawn services, The piece in question is readied for resale. Care is utilized in cleaning and providing minor repairs, where warranted. After the restoration process, Seven Deadly Virtues places the merchandise on the showroom floor. There the public at large can view the piece in person, or browse our extensive online catalogue.

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