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Shasta No Sekai

Shasta's World (シャスタの世界, Shasta No Sekai in Yamataigo (邪馬台語)) is a corporation founded in YE40 based around the salvaging and manufacturing of technology and resources found on the formerly freespacer manufacturing outpost of freehold factory

✨Shasta's World✨
Motto: A Mad Mutants Ambition
Founded: YE40
Founders: Shasta Archeletta/Phage Nine Two B 92B-4561-8893
Ceo: Shasta Archeletta
Faction: Independent1)
Product Symbol: Sw
products: Salvage/Retrofit/Wholesale

About Shasta's World

Shasta's World was formed by Shasta Archeletta and Phage 92B-4561-8893 in Late YE:40 under the intent of salvaging the ruins, remains, and tech of the destroyed spacer world of Freehold Factory. While initially and marketed as just another salvaging operation the company also has a diverse and extensive operations doctrine that focuses on retrofitting recovered spacer tech and selling it wholesale.

The corporation itself was officiated when Phage 92b, a clone of the infamous Steelrender Lycosidae Nine Two 92-4561-8893 revealed to the future CEO, Shasta Archeletta the whereabouts of one of Lyco's abandoned factories on the planet. Prompting the mad mutant to fund a small-scale expedition to the planet on her behalf, with the exception of the Mutant boss and Phage 92B who remained on board their current home, The bounty hunter operated Iron Ferret.

With a small loan taken by Shasta, the expedition was able to touch down planetside and appraise the status of the former Deathcrawler Auto-Tank assembly plant, a hidden underground factory practically untouched but by the passage of time, still being in salvageable, if not good, condition. By reactivating and slaving a cadre of deactivated Junkers on site, the expedition was able to repair some of the more damaged parts of the neglected factory and even get it back to operating procedures.

With a factory ready and available the mad mutant and her spacer partner ordered the factory to begin salvaging operations to repay their debt, slowly accumulating monetary gains towards other projects.

Later in YE40 with extra funding the corporation managed to hire on a small security detail named The Strays, two Mule Ultralight Freighter and a fully weaponized Terrene Assault Transport to export and protect salvage and on site operations.

Before the end of YE40, operations had shifted from primarily salvage to also including retrofitting spacer tech and equipment and selling it wholesale.


Shasta's World, while based on freehold factory, is run, business-wise from the independent ship the Iron Ferret where both Shasta and Phage reside currently as bounty hunters. Otherwise, the day to day operations are run on a whole by Shasta's father Keiji Archeletta on site.



The main operations facility of the company. A former, somewhat intact deathcrawler production plant hidden below the surface of the planet, before the arrival of the company.

The factory itself encompasses a full square mile or territory on the surface by the efforts of the corporation. A massive habitation dome spans a square mile in any direction and several hundred meters skywards. with the only exterior facilities of the factory being a small set of landing pads for ships and a garage for hauling vehicles often too large to enter the dome. The factory itself is almost completely underground, hidden by Lyco that encompass several reinforced bunkers and facilities that have yet to be fully explored and are mainly used for storage and housing. What few facilities remain in the dome on the surface are warehouses, living spaces, garages, and small assembly and disassembly lines for parts and equipment being exported or imported off planet.

Million-Bell houses the main operations of the corporation and the main assembly lines for weapons, vehicles, armor, Etc.


A nearby factory 19.2 kilometers north by northwest of Million-Bell. Considerably smaller at just a third of the size of Million-Bell, the Amaryllis factory was originally occupied by another salvaging company but was absorbed by Shasta No Sekai when it was seized by the Strays in a raid. The Amaryllis factory produces smaller, more sensitive pieces of technology and weapons that are too hazardous (Ex: radiation/explosive/etc.) to be kept at the main factory. It also houses the main R&D branch of the corporation, a group of kuznyetski and spacers crammed together with little to do but tinker with salvage.

The factory sits under a habitation dome just large enough to encompass the factory.


Ricinus is a factory like its former's, but is the smallest of its two sisters. The factory itself is in minor operation. Used mostly to sort through salvage before sending it to its two sister factories. The importance of this factory is its location 20.9 kilometers north of Million-bell. It sits on a massive, seemingly endless network of tunnels that go for hundreds of kilometers in every direction. These tunnels often connecting to other surface and sub-urban factories and spacer tech vaults. It is the heart of salvage for the corporation and the lifeline of fresh tech to the corporation. Because of this it also houses the majority of the Strays. Not only to protect the factory, but also to provide security for tunnel based expeditions that might include run-ins with rouge automata, rival salvage corporations, deathcrawler tanks, and mad junkers, or incomprehensible encounters.

Unlike its two sister factories, Rincinus does not sit under a habitation dome, but is instead exposed to the elements. The surface of the factory is hermetically sealed and is compartmentalized to prevent venting of oxygen if damaged or attacked. The entrances to the tunnel network below the surface are sealed by a massive airlock and the outside of the factory is walled off and manned at all times by Strays in environment suits or hermetically sealed and protected vehicles.


Shasta's World hires on and either grossly under or overpays its workers. with the ease of assembly line drones and equipment, very few bodies are needed on the factory floors. So the corporation hires into (with the exception of ship pilots and such miscellaneous roles) three categories.


The Shasta No Sekai R&D department is a rag-tag group of kuznyetski, spacers, and mutants with a loose connection to the Mad Mutant2) through various internep forums. Hired on solely under the credentials of knowing Shasta and having been vouched for as super smart by her. The average background of the R&D department is minimal if any schooling and are often self-taught in a field such as gunsmithing, electronics, medicine, biology, robotics, etc. And in some rare cases have a degree or some actual experience between them.

Despite this, when not endangering themselves with dangerous if not fatal pet projects while under the influence of whatever was concocted in a private distillery somewhere in the factory the R&D department will occasionally come together to meet one of a hundred unfulfilled quotas or projects it has on its never-ending backlog.

The R&D department is housed and located within the Shasta No Sekai factory of Amaryllis.


See Strays


The Salvage teams of Shasta No Sekai are the lifeblood of the corporation and the means for which the majority of its products are acquired. The largest branch of the company, the salvage teams number in the hundreds if not low thousands3) the salvage teams scour the planetside and inside of its massive underground networks for valuable scraps of spacer tech to retrofit and re-purpose. Once thought to have been virtually stripped clean, many of the salvage teams find miscellaneous pieces of equipment and tech, outdated or disused by the former inhabitants of the spacer outpost, perfect for the companies needs as important building blocks towards retrofitting what might have been considered garbage to the spacers into something else entirely.

Because of the importance and danger poised of their jobs4) the salvage teams are often paired with guards from the Security team, the Strays.

The salvage team is based mostly and operated from the Shasta No Sekai factory of Ricinus , where most of the scrap and salvage is sorted after each expedition.

Product Lines

Drones Description
Wasp DroneA small but aggressive drone in the visage of a giant wasp as long as some men's arms.
Pathfinder Class MechLight anti-armor sniper
Finger PistolSingle use, Concealable laser.
Fairy AiSmall personal AI assistant with realistic sprite avatar
Star PaintGlowing semi-radioactive paint
Energy CellStandard energy capacitor/Corporate standard ammunition
Mech WeaponsDescription
Micro LaserSmall scale energy weapons system
Meso LaserMid scale energy weapons system
Macro LaserModerately powerful energy weapons system
Glass MakerPowerful anti-armor and light starship grade mech weapon.


Army For Hire

With the proven success of the platform and the noticeably limited array of heavy weapons platforms carried by many Nepleslian mercenaries and private army groups, Shasta No Sekai offers up its mechs and pilots out to conflict zones5) by the orders of the Mad Mutant. Each rented mech comes with a pilot, logistical team, and mech who will fill out the terms of the contract to the best of the ability of a likely illiterate and half-trained mech-jockey belonging to the Strays. Extra payment for competent and fully trained pilots is handled first come first serve as they are in short supply until natural selection weeds out the incompetents. 6)

These pilots for hire, regardless of skill are called the Terror Wolves Of Freehold and operate in small mission customized mechs, often in packs of other corporation fielded mecha sometimes accompanied by small drone foot-soldiers or automated mecha in any variety of missions from:

  • Hunting down enemy tanks and armor.
  • Destruction of enemy equipment or infrastructure.
  • Anti infantry actions.
  • Scouting.
  • Private Military action and subsidy.
  • Arson.
  • Deniable Destruction.
  • Mechanized guerrilla raids.
  • Arson.
  • Assassination.
  • And Arson.

The Shasta No Sekai corporation, being unlicensed to operate by any of the major factions of the kikyo sector is considered by some governments to be lawless or pirates by others. The corporation is well aware of this stance held and while some titles may fit the mark on the activities the corporation performs it is otherwise upheld by its own standards as a reputable dealer of Mechanized and Automated warfare that is willing and able to subsidize mercenary and private military work to the best of its ability and the ability of its pilots and their teams.

As such the corporation is, for the sake of fair warning unable to work in the following locations due to their designation by others as pirates or as lawless and by being zones of high risk and bar the use or operation of mercenary work:

  • Yamatai Star Empire
  • Elysian Celestial Empire
  • Independent sectors of Yamatai Space
  • Nepleslian Red Territories7)

The corporation is willing and able to take contracts in the above space if ever the laws against mercenary work changes.

Locations the Corporation are willing to accept contracts are:

  • Democratic Imperium Of Nepleslia
  • Freespacer controlled space
  • Kingdom Of Neshaten Space
  • NMX/SMX controlled space8)
  • New Dusk Conclave space
  • Independent controlled or contested worlds.
  • Kuvexian controlled or contested9) space.
  • Lawless or Pirate controlled or contested space.
  • Lorath controlled space.

If a location is not listed please inquire with an SNS representative.

Methods of payment the corporation is willing to accept are subject to change on a whim but will usually accept one if not several of the following as payment upfront:

  • KS
  • DA
  • Abwehran C
  • Gold
  • Precious Metals
  • Technology
  • Spoils Of War
  • Starships
  • Slaves Gifted individuals of circumstance under a contract of indentured servitude to the corporation
  • Salvage rights in the owned territory of the host faction under contract
  • Strategic resources
  • Strategic materials
  • Strategic Weapons

Finances 10)

+5,000,000,00 DAStartup Loan5,000,000,00 DA
-500,000 DAExpedition funding and charter4,500,000,00 DA
-3,000,000,00 DAFactory refurbishment1,500,000,00 DA
-206,000 DA x2 Mule / x1 Terrene Purchase1,294,000 DA
+330,000 DA Monthly earnings 1,624,000 DA
+3,960,000 DA One year of earnings 5,584,000 DA
-500,000 DA Loan Payment 5,084,000 DA

OOC Information

If you want to make a Shasta Product:

Shasta No Sekai products will often come with Bugs or glitches attached to them under the guise of a lazy “Features, Not Bugs” form of advertisement. (Example Bug: You pull the trigger once and the weapon won't stop firing until out of ammo. This is then spun as a Feature: The weapon is built to fire continuously because if it's worth shooting once it's worth shooting 29 more times to be sure.)

Shasta products also are named under a scheme of random, almost nonsensical names. and don't have a strict or conventional naming scheme. And are often either named after their function (Ex: a Finger Pistol might just be a ring on your finger that shoots a laser). To simply being named after the poor sod who was responsible for its creation (Ex: Maverick was a member of the Strays, One day he got really drunk and fell off a wall and broke his neck. His personal weapon was claimed by the R&D, A really impressive Laser Shotgun. it was named the Maverick in his honor.)

Shasta products will often have either a nonsensical reason for being made (Shasta had a thought about something cool, Or someone else did and the R&D folks where ordered to make it.), Are outright made by someone else first (Killed a rival salvage corp guard and took his custom weapon. It was really cool so the R&D guys copied it), Or are made from retrofitted Spacer tech (Strays killed a rouge junker Automata in the tunnels and took one of its forearm weapons as loot. Was then retrofitted by the R&D to be smaller or bigger or different in X way). Or they are just made off a whim from one of the drunk Kuz in the R&D department from their drunken scribbles on a whiteboard…

There is often usually a death toll involved in the creation of the product (Use your imagination. There are 100 strays at the factories on freehold at best at any given time. And Shasta will always hire more to fill the gaps. So if a dozen of them wander into a reactor room and will eventually die of radiation but one of their knives bumps a reactor and kills them all with an electrical discharge… Well, it was worth the cost to give someone the idea to make an electric sword…)

OOC Notes

Page made by Charmaylarg.

Approved: By Alex Hart on 2/15/2019

is considered pirates under yamatai law by not being affiliated with a major faction
The attrition rate for such an occupation is so high census data is impossible to collect
The average salvage team will often encounter rouge automata, deathcrawler tanks, Rival salvage corporations, bandits and scrappers, rogue drones, and untold horrors on the surface and in the tunnels
or anyone who will pay
please note that any death of a pilot or destruction or damage of his/her mech while on contract, regardless of the means of death/destruction even by incompetence is subject to a charge of the mech and pilots worth plus interest varied by the size of the mech, class, armaments, and value. Often this is the full price of the contract and half again as much.
Unless protection from Yamatai is guaranteed. Payment required upfront.
Payment required up-front. Willing to accept NMX Neko as payment
such as captured systems or systems currently under invasion by kuvexian forces
Shasta No Sekai, unless stated otherwise makes an estimated 330,000 DA Monthly. This number is estimated as a way to give the company profit based on exported and produced goods. Towards expansion and purchasing without them simply buying whatever they want with the imaginary infinite funds some businesses in setting have just by existing

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