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Shiro Model Industries, Inc

Shiro Model Industries is a CSEIA-affiliated corporation specializing in the production of toys and model kits of military machines, both real and fictional. A company with a long history stretching into the pre-Yamatai days, SMI is considered to be the market leader in their field and among the last of the old corporate tradition.


Shiro Model Industries was founded by one Ryusei Shiro of Geshrintall as Shiro Arms Industries, in possesion of one of the largest assembly lines in the capital city, constructing small arms by contract for whoever had the money to buy them. When the toy company Hajime Model Industries went belly up, long-time mechanical enthusiast Shiro quickly purchased what remained, and immediately manufactured a model of the common MAX walking tank. The model was an immediate hit, as were the many others that followed.

Shiro Model Industries, as it was now called, soon manufactured models based on licenses inherited from HMI. Their quality was far and away the best in the industry thanks to Shiro's background and the many industrial experts that he had the good sense to hire. With deals made with every government and media producer of the day, Shiro was a powerhouse in the modeling industry.

Though the machines may have changed, the company remains the leader in the industry. Their headquarters was moved to CSEIA several years ago to avoid any government conflicts, the Centre being the first truly politically neutral entity in the Kikyo sector. With agreements with every government of the day, and their near-monopoly on anime and television licencing, SMI is a name known to all who have even looked at a toy.

Example Military Models

Having agreements with every current government and quickly sending envoys to any newly discovered planets, SMI's selection of military models is unmatched by any contemporary in the industry. With models both historical and current, this forms the largest selection of any company.

1/60 Ki-V1 Hoplite

Due to the Hoplite's unique transforming design and famous role in the history of the Yamataian military machine, it is one of the most commonly produced military models. Considered the finest Hoplite figure to date, this preconstructed scale model is painted in the colors of the former 5th Standard Fleet, and is a major breakthrough in engineering; though completely replicating the transformation method of the Hoplite was considered impossible, this model finally manages it. A limited-edition version, painted in prototype colors, was released exclusively at the popular Mecha Enthusiasts convention located in Central Uesureya, or MechEn, in YE 28.

1/1000 DD4-Class Destroyer

This DD4 model, long awaited and continually delayed due to negotiations with the extrauniversal NDI in addition to the Nepleslian government, is an extremely complex undertaking, requiring almost a month to complete, including painting. It features many electronic lights and sounds, causing some to dismiss it as a 'construction toy', but the features are actually relatively low-key and add to the realism of the model. The default decals of the model make it look like the famous NSS Alliance.

1/12 El-M1-1a Anthedon

SMI has always been criticized for skimping on Elyisan model kits, and this one is no exception. This model of the common Anthedon armor is extremely poorly articulated, since 1/12 models are not usually produced by SMI and the standard 'inner frame' at 1/10 and 1/6 scale will not work with this model. In addition, the plastic used is moulded in a single color and the decals included are of poor quality. Those Elysian hobbyists looking for a model of their nation's finest armor are best advised to look elsewhere.

1/144 ST-001 Bringer of Thunder

Recent negotiations with the Lorath government have allowed SMI to produce this model of the hulking Bringer of Thunder mecha wielded by the warrior caste and the LSDF. This model is freely admitted as a stopgap measure for a larger, better designed model at 1/100 scale, but this one is a good buy in its own right. Constructed of heavier materials than the normal mecha model, it requires no paint and thus is considered a good choice for beginners.

1/10 Whifgurflumik Battle Pod

Despite the fact that the SMI technically don't have an agreement with the Mishhu government to produce models of their military equipment, they doubt that the tentacled aliens will mind. This battle pod, although of quality design and detailed moulding, is made in one color. While this sounds like a negative, many model enthusiasts have complained about the color choices used before due to perceived inaccuracies, so this can be seen as a statement towards the alternative to an inaccurate color scheme.

Example Fictional Models

SMI's reputation of quality has led to every media producer giving them licence to produce models, many of them exclusive. Not only do they produce models, but quality toys as well - most children in the past 30 years have owned a toy made by SMI at one point or another.

1/6 ADC-F2 Kusanagi

Cybernetic Armor Kusanagi is considered to be one of the most popular entries in the mecha genre, if not particularly revolutionary - nearly every enthusiast has seen it at one point or another. As one of the oldest animes still commonly distributed, models of this series are fairly old, but constant reissues are met with great fanfare and near-instant sellout. This particular model is of the Kusanagi itself, one of three prototype powered armors produced by Cybernet Corporation to supplement their obsolete units and combat the hordes of powerful battlesuits produced by Aphrodite Systems. This reissue is part of a Kusanagi revival project, of which this is the first model along with its enemy counterpart Hunter One. Considered the finest representation of the armor ever, this reissue comes with a special surprise - the Kai parts are included with the package, including the deadly Multiparticle Cannon.

Super Robot Spirits ENIS Figure

The Super Robot Spirits line is a nod to the super robot shows loved by children and immature adults the sector over; lovingly crafted releases of classic super robots with perfect articulation and tons of accessories. This is the release of the titular robot from Project ENIS, a classic of the genre loved even by those who disdain super robots like the plague, due to its blatant self-parody and genre parody, as well as a varied cast of memorable characters. The figure, standing 8 inches tall, comes with several sets of hands and weapons and is capable of performing the Zero Divider, complete with electronic lights and sounds. This figure comes not only with the ENIS, but a to-scale Va Ina for a partner, with near-perfect articulation in its own right.

1/4 Kawamura Modem Statue

Kawamura Modem, the infamous pop idol from the classic Fleet Captain Renata, is lovingly rendered in this extremely large, unpainted statue, which comes with her in-universe single 'Coming Black Rain'. This model garnered some controversy due to certain 'unofficial' modifications that the statue supported - namely, the figure could be easily be converted to a cast-off. Fans of the character were extremely vocal about this, saying how it 'desecrated' her and how her character deserved better. The bad blood within the otaku community was repaired when SMI recalled the figures, but immediately rebounded when they stated 'In our defense, she really is kind of a slut.'

Mechanical Infamy Moe 17

Although not strictly fictional, this figure from the Mechanical Infamy line is licensed from the visage of Moe 17 of Aethersperm. When asked what he thought of the figure made in his image, Moe replied, “Searching for programmed response…found. 'F— the media and f— all you damned nerds'.” The lavishly sculpted figure comes with a free copy of 'Megadeath F— Yeah' and the figure itself can say such popular Moe 17 catchphrases as 'Restate your query', 'Please do not cease your nudity', and 'You have 10 seconds to comply'.

1/100 XG3 'Amelia'

Actually a Nerimian import produced under license, this model is from a vehicle from the cult classic mecha simulator Blackwolf Alpha. This model, unfortunately, does not feature a transformation method (due to the inferior engineering), but makes up for it with both a frame mode and a fighter mode included. Molded in full color, this model is highly sought after for kit-bashing and modification. Instructions to construct the downgraded XGS3 are included as well, for advanced modellers. A release of a fully transforming XG3 has been long sought after but never released.

Example Model Accessories

Thanks to CSEIA, SMI has developed a great deal of model accessories that use innovative technology to enhance their experience. Notably, the SMI versions of certain CSEIA products are far less likely to explode or kill anyone due to the production lines located offsite, usually being run by far saner people.

Adaptive Model Stand

Model stands are finnicky and airborne poses are difficult to with many of them, and stands generally only work with a small number of models. With this in mind, a nanotech stand was developed that would adapt to the model it was programmed to hold, putting it in the best possible position for airborne posing. Incredibly cheap and 'one size fits all', these stands are extremely popular among hardcore hobbyists.

Advanced Inner Frame

Armor model kits at the standard 1/10 and 1/6 scales have always utilized a highly advanced articulated 'inner frame' that allowed all the poses that the machines themselves could perform. This frame, available in both 1/10 and 1/6 scales, goes one step further - it moves on its own, an amazing achievement of micronization. Using a remote uplink, one can use a computer to properly pose, and even perform several 'programs', having the model walk and fly with the scaled properties as its parent machine. In addition, the frame can change its height and width, as well as project a hologram of the pilot of your machine. While this frame is expensive, it is commonly considered to be worth every penny.

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