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SiZi Model 38 Special Duty Revolver

The SiZi M38 SDR is a heavy plasma revolver produced by Sitanin Zbrojovka Unlimited starting in YE 38. It is intended to provide its user with powerful anti-power armor firepower, and, in some configurations, can only be used while wearing power armor.

The revolver is available to all civilian markets serviced by SiZi and is sold on license in Yamatai as the “Special Duty Revolver, Type 38.” It is available for limited use to members of the Star Army of Yamatai and Yamatai National Police.

About the Model 38 SDR

Yamataian import model with Saiga rollmark

Designed by famed gunsmith Fiolina Jilad, the SiZi Model 38 Special Duty Revolver is the spiritual successor to her M30 Condensed Plasma Revolver. The older gun was oddly received and misunderstood, but was sorely missed by its specialist users throughout the galaxy. So, after years in the drafting room, Jilad emerged with the M38 SDR.

A truly modern take on SiZi's old cartridge based plasma encasement system, the M38 improves upon its predecessor in a few significant ways. Most obviously, the weapon's aesthetics have been updated and its build utilizes easy-to-manufacture components. It is both larger and lighter than the Model 30, making it more wieldy during unarmored use while giving the weapon a better balance in the hand. Its cool gunmetal blue lines and transparent synth-amber grip provide comfort and ergonomics impressive for a weapon of its size.

Backed by a full range of new condensed plasma ammunition cartridges, the M38 boasts a flexible mission profile, but is designed primarily to provide lone actors with enough firepower to damage light power armor and military vehicles. Further, the M38 was designed with feedback from longtime M30 users and makes a good field operative or power armor officer's sidearm.

The new “light” plasma cartridge allows the shooter to tame their M38 in situations that do not call for anti-armor firepower. An additional new “Special Purpose Ammunition” gives front line specialists a fully customizable delivery package that can be used to place listening equipment, deploy aerosol or incendiary agents, stun an enemy, or in conjunction with any number of miniaturized devices. Both new cartridges substantially alleviate the M38's hard recoil.

Every new M38 comes with an extra cylinder, a cleaning kit, a set of twelve micro weights, and an optional high visibility night sight. The micro weights fit into four fitted compartments and allow the user to personalize the gun's weight and balance profile from the standard 2 pounds through 4.5 pounds. In addition to the standard transparent amber, the pistol grip is also available in transparent Hinomaru red, transparent Nataria green, transparent blue, matte black, polished Tami Burlwood, ice white, transparent smoke, transparent neon green, pink or blue, and RIKUPAT.

Nomenclature Information


Model 38 with accessories

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A bright blue-white flare extends from the weapon's muzzle while plasma coolant exhaust flushes out from vents along the weapon's barrel and underside.
  • Projectile Appearance: A blue or green plasma “fireball” with intermediate shades depending on ammunition and charge cycle is materialized between an upper and lower vectoring barrel and then thrust forward.
  • Effective Range: 935 feet/285 meters
  • Rate of Fire: One shot per trigger pull. When loaded by hand, approximately 18 rounds per minute depending on the user's reload time and the ammunition type used.
  • Recoil: Standard plasma shells produce a hefty kick. Heavy shells issue an explosive shock that is difficult to control without power armor and will severely burn unarmored users. In both cases, excess plasma energy venting through the pistol's top vent serves to mitigate the shot's force. Special Purpose and Light ammunition have very little recoil in comparison.


  • Damage Ratings: Light: Medium Anti-Personnel (Tier 2). Standard: Light Anti-Armor (Tier 4), Heavy: Heavy Anti-Armor (Tier 6).
  • Round Capacity: 6 cartridges per cylinder, 2 charges per cartridge, 12 shots when fully loaded with standard or heavy cartridges. For light cartridges, increase the payload per shell to 8 shots, for a total of 48 shots when fully loaded with them.
Model 38 SDR Damage
(Type/Mode) Damage
Light Tier 2
Standard Tier 4
Heavy Tier 6
Special Purpose No Damage Rating, payload depends on mission package

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: Single action/double action revolver. When the hammer strikes a cartridge’s activation site, half of its energy is expelled through the barrel. The drained cartridge is rotated out-of-battery by the next cocking of the hammer. Then, the cylinder is rotated to the next cartridge, allowing the recently fired round to air cool from the super heated state it is left in after firing.
  • Loading: The revolver's cylinder is pushed to the side on a swing arm and replaced with a new cylinder or cleared of its six depleted cartridges and hand loaded.
  • Mode Selector: The M38 has no mode selector, but is capable of interfacing with most neural link hardware, allowing the user to manually cycle the M38's cylinder. This feature is particularly useful when loading a combination of ammunition types.
  • Firing Modes: Single shot, double action revolver.
  • Safety Mechanism: N/A
  • Weapon Sight: Equipped standard with interchangeable iron sights.

Yamataian import model with Saiga rollmark


  • Model 38 Special Duty Revolver: 1,100 KS, 2,200 DA
  • Additional cylinder: 150 KS, 300 DA
  • Alternate grips: 85 KS, 170 DA
  • Ammunition:
Condensed Plasma Cartridges
Type Price (100 Round Box)
Light 80 KS, 160 DA
Standard 150 KS, 300 DA
Heavy/Special 350 KS, 700 DA

OOC Notes

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: pistols
Product NameModel 38 Special Duty Revolver
ManufacturerSitanin Zbrojovka Unlimited, Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories
Year ReleasedYE 38
Price (KS)1 ,100.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 6

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