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Stardust Pictures

Stardust Pictures (Hoshikuzu Gazo in Yamataigo), officially named Stardust Motion Pictures Corporation, also simply known as Stardust, is one of the largest and oldest Film distribution companies in Yamatai. Most of it's production, as well as their headquarters, are based on Planet Yamatai.

General Information
Industry Film
Founded YE 10
Founder(s) Migato Yoshi, Karathi Miyo, Gerry Scholenck & Williams Jordana
Key People Ogawa Kaia (President), Karathi Oyo (Chairman), Hank Martles (Nepleslian, Chief of Production)
Headquarters Butterfield Complex, Hoshiutsu Studios, Kyoto
Divisions Stardust Home Entertainment, Stardust Film Studios, Stardust Television & Radio,Stardust Animation
Subsidiaries Temple Effects & Sound, Rose Animation, Gatherer Films
Employees ~350,000 (as of YE 37)
Capital ~3,560,340,260 KS
Concurrent Yukosfilm Ltd


Although the market for cinematic entertainment had been known ever before the establishment of Yamatai Star Empire, it's popularity only grow with the increasing numbers of citizens inside Yamataian space. Shortly after the disastrous The Great Plague of YE 08, two lucky survivors, long-time friends Yoshi and Miyo, decided to put their money together to begin running a full-time film entertainment company. The two had long been in service of the now defunct film company Universal Cinematics. Merger talks were staged with several other film artists, including Gerry Scholenck(Nepleslian), president of Nebula Film, and Williams Jordana(Nepleslian) of Jordana Pictures. After several negotiations, the divided companies were merged into Stardust. Yoshi would retain the place of president, while Miyo would be Production Chief. Sholenck and Jordana would both be granted a seat in the Board of Directors.

After the merger, Stardust went on to hire several actors/actresses who would become known for various film productions made by Stardust, including: Ronald Makron, Shintati Moke, Keroro Makena, Hans Safron, Lucie Tronder, and Isabelle Meller. They would star in both Blockbuster films, and sometimes even B movies. Several directors who have directed multiple Stardust productions are Miyamothi Ronan, Henry Stafford (Nepleslian), Mekoso Yoki and Kanita Shori.

Despite the certain disdain Universal Cinematics had for Yoshi and Miyo leaving the company, they went on to co-produce several successful films and franchises together until the former collapsed.

In YE 19, when Universal Cinematics collapsed as a Film Company, Stardust went on to take over to of the most successful subsidiaries that had been in the hands of Universal since the beginning: the well-known Temple Effects & Sound Company, one of the biggest Special Effects Companies at that time, and the very talented animation company Rose Animation, who produced the first fully Animated feature in YE 11. In YE 35, the small film company Gatherer Films, known for the production of several movies distributed by Stardust, was acquired.

When Yoshi passed away in YE 29, long-time Executive Officer Mayuthi Raio was placed as president. Miyo passed away in YE 34, and Producer Hank Martles was put in charge of Production. Raio resigned the post in YE 37, leading to the first female president for Stardust, Ogawa Kaia, to take the post. Miyo's son Oyo would become co-chairman in YE 37 to maintain Karathi's involvement in the company.

Television & Radio

Stardust created Stardust Television in YE 25 as a means of developing and distributing their own series and shows inside Yamatai, as well as a news network that worked alongside Yamatai Interstellar News Network (YINN). Although the network, named STN Daily, failed to meet high numbers of viewers and was cancelled within merely 4 months, it's Sport channel, known as ST Sports Entertainment, still remains as of YE 37. Currently Stardust also is the owner of two other TV Channels, namely Channel 11 and ST-AEC.

Subsequently, Stardust Television merged with Stardust Radio Networks (created in YE 22) in YE 29, and Jebediah Kernal, who had been managing STV became Chief of the combined divisions. As of YE 37 Stardust is owner of a sheer 5 number of radio stations, namely SRC 1 to 4 and Maxwell.FM in Central Uesureya.

Logo & Theme

Stardust is well-known for its logo that is used in every intro to their films since the beginning. It has since then transcended from a crude hand-drawn picture to a full computer animation. It features a large Galaxy with several stars, until a “fallen star” comes down and with it's stardust spells the words Stardust Pictures. To accompany this, conductor Koshito Goku composed the so-called “Comet Theme” in YE 15, when the first hand-drawn version appeared. Composer Johann Wilhelmus re-issued the piece in Galactic Tales, and his piece has been in production ever since.


Stardust is most notably known for its several successful franchises it has produced since it's beginning in YE 10, as well as it's productions with Yody Films and Rockwood Films. It's #1 highest grossing film, Dark Forces Rising, is still the most profitable film galaxy-wide. The Last Voyage had long held that post until the release of Dark Forces. The company's franchise Galactic Tales is the #3 highest grossing film series in the galaxy. It is also the studio with the most golden_lotus won.

Highest Grossing Films

This list excludes films from film franchises, and only list stand-alone films and features.

Rank Title Year Domestic Gross Notes
1 Dark Forces Rising YE 34 720,150,681 KS
2 The Last Voyage of The Challenger YE 24 679,192,853 KS Distribution only. Production by Haroldton Pictures
3 tragedy_of_the_great_plague YE 28 612,946,718 KS Distribution only. Production by Magical Film Company
4 Invasion from Beyond YE 27 569,138,246 KS
5 The Knights of Henry YE 31 429,561,938 KS
6 The Life of Kenji YE 36 391,503,618 KS
7 City Murders YE 30 318,941,530 KS Distribution only. Production by Yody Films
8 Hard Rain YE 30 294,518,037 KS
9 The Names of The Dreamers YE 14 246,391,254 KS Distribution only. Production by Victoria Pictures
10 Magic Spell YE 19 167,192,593 KS Distribution only. Production by Universal Cinematics
11 Lover's Heart YE 18 97,502,841 KS Distribution only. Production by Gatherer Films
12 The Follower's Thoughts YE 37 56,102,771 KS

Film Franchises

Title Release Date # of Films Notes
Aliens YE 20-present 3
Galactic Tales YE 28-present 4 co-production with Yody Films
Secret Diary of Jimmy YE 19-YE 22 2
The Worst Robber in the Galaxy YE 28-present 3 co-production with Hansel Productions
Predators YE 21-present 3
Adventures of the Tin Man YE 30-present 3 co-production with Animax Animations
Double Vendetta YE 34-present 2 co-production with Rockwood Films
The Night Elves YE 13-YE 19 3 co-production with Universal Cinematics
Agent Henry YE 13-present 11 co-production with Rockwood Films (YE 13-YE 32), Gatherer Films (since YE 32)


The following is a list of important and key people in the company, including managers, producers, and engineers:

Board of Directors

  • Ogawa Kaia: President
  • Karathi Oyo: Chairman
  • Gerry Scholenck: Co-chairman
  • Williams Jordana: Chief of Finances
  • Hank Martles: Chief of Production
  • Nishida Mitsu: Member of Board of Directors
  • Lily Kartner: Member of Board of Directors

Division Managers & Subsidiaries

  • Mikaso Yiko: Temple Sound & Effects Manager
  • Jebediah Kernal: Stardust Television & Radio Manager
  • Oba Haruko: Stardust Home Entertainment Manager
  • Harry Copperman: Stardust Film Studios Manager
  • Ide Kawa: Stardust Animation Manager
  • Jeremy Rose: Rose Animation President
  • Kiroto Lucio: Gatherer Films President

Key Personnel

  • Johannes Wilhelmus: Multiple-winning resident Composer
  • Hansel Stammer: Multiple-winning Composer
  • Kori Magani: Multiple-winning Screenwriter
  • Tikati Mo: Senior Sound Mixer
  • Sarah Casbye: Multiple-winning resident Make-up Artist
  • Mark Flinter: Senior Costume Designer
  • Yukio: Senior Cinematographer
  • Hikane Goji: Marketing Supervisor
  • Nagawase Nejiro: Senior Casting Director

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