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Styrling Muur Armor

Hoping to increase the survivability of public and private security forces in Nepleslian space, and finally diversify into a market other than firearms, Foster developed a suit of light personal body armor for Styrling Vervaardiging. It would be rugged, reliable and easy to produce, but give enough protection from modern firearms, particularly the overkill of older energy weapons and nefarious penetrative qualities of a few of the newer NovaCorp and Emrys products. While they didn't intend to obsolete those designs with the armor, it was clear to Styrling that those weapons should be the standard against which they would measure the protection the Muur Armor proffered.

Designer: Foster Kees Styrling Manufacturer: Styrling Vervaardiging Name: Styrling Muur Armor (Sv-SMA-01a) Type: Personal Body Armor Role: Close Quarters Battle/Riot Gear Mass: 11.12 Ibs


The Muur Armor's appearance is a rugged combination of traditional riot gear and the personal body armor given to troops prior to the advent of power armor. It features an ergonomic blend of rounded and squarish plates with an underlayer of high-grade padded ballistic mesh for protection from the impact of a weapon. Saving no expense for overall protection, these plates cover the vulnerable areas of the head, face, neck, torso, shoulders, forearms, hands, groin, knees and feet. It comes in both male and female variants, and are sold by size. There are places to strap on holsters and similar equipment, and a belt that could adequately accommodate the holster for anything smaller than a full assault rifle.

There are little, or no electronics in the suit, save in the helmet section. This was done to minimalize costs in what were considered to be secondary functions, and cut down on troublesome repair times. The helmet has a power source dock on the inside that is compatible compatible with most batteries, including Styrling's own specific make, BR-28A Batteries or even Lorath Bacterial Charge packs, should they be manufactured in an appropriate size. On the upper left side of the face, there is a small recess that houses a flashlight.

The colour scheme varies depending on the tastes of the purchaser, but most suits employ a two-tone layout. There is a main colour, which covers most of the armor, and one or two trim colours. One lines the edges of the plating, while the other is for the ballistic mesh underneath the armor. Styrling's default (company) colours are silvery white with dark grey edging and night blue underlayering. Camouflage schemes are also available.



Steenplast Plating A series of sectioned plates of high grade Steenplast, a composite substance, offer excellent protection at a reasonable cost. Defends well from solid-ammunition, laser and light plasma weapons, but poorly against directed low-coherence EM. DR 3

Radiation Protection Polymerase A light, flexible polymer plastic that has effective radiation absorbency nearly identical to lead, but at a fraction of the weight. Placed bellow the plates, these grant limited, but necessary protection from the horrendous radiation burns MASER, XASER and GRASER-type weapons are notorious for. Not ideal protection from environmental radiation, as certain sections are exposed. No Effective DR

Ballistic Mesh Padding Made of high-tensile strength woven polymers, this highly protective textile grants additional defenses from the concussive force of a solid-ammo weapon, and can effectively halt a few attacks from a mundane bladed weapon. The only protection on the thighs and upper arms. DR 1


Basic Neural Interface Allows for control of the other functions in the helmet, and to access electronic systems, via a retractable cable in the back of the helmet. The cable can also be wired into the optional optics of a Styrling Vervaardiging or compatible firearm, for additional functionality.

Flashlight\Camera The Muur Armor's helmet features a small, but high intensity flashlight near the left eye and a camera near the right. the flashlight has an effective range of up to 200 meters, while the camera can view everything in a 150 degree arc for up to a kilometer. Due to the exceedingly potent nature of most conventional power supplies available to the user, activated at the same time, both can easily last several days of nonstop use, depending on power source. Standard Styrling Batteries (included) last up to 120 hours.

Smartlens\HUD A lens with self-adjusting opacity/transparency, the Smartlens changes the properties of on the smooth plate protecting the face on the fly to best suit the situation. Manual control can also tweak things like one-way transparency, shading, colour mix and HUD functions.

The Heads Up Display allows one to view recorded data, maps, calculate distances, and view through connected optics systems.


Carry Locations The armor has two pouches on each leg and one pouch on each upper arm. There are hooks for the holster of a rifle, carbine or SMG weapon, and a belt for anything smaller than an assault rifle.


Male or Female variants cost the same.

Full Set: 1700 DA Torso Armor: 700 DA Full Set, no Helmet: 1200 DA Helmet: 600 DA

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