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Styrling Auto Twelve

With the prevalence of more high-end, semi-automatic shotguns distributed to the military, Styrling decided to appeal to the “every-day man” and develop a relatively cheap, but robust, pump action shotgun. But then there were those who wanted the secure feeling that comes with a selective-fire shotgun, with the capacity (and price) of most assault rifles. Magazines produced for the Thunder come in either a 5 round box magazine, or a 25 round helical magazine that carries 12 gauge shells. Chambered for the standard 12 Gauge shell that has become commonplace in every gun store, the shooter does not need to buy special Styrling-manufactured shells such as the Styrling .45, however, coupons on components and gear are available in each ammunition box.

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

Designer: John Skwigleff Manufacturer: Styrling Vervaardiging Name: Styrling Auto 12 (Sv-SSG-02a) Type: Gas Operated, Selective Fire Shotgun Role: Shotgun Length: 32 inches Barrel Length: 15 inches Mass: 10.12 Ibs ROF: 360 RPM.


Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: 12 Gauge Buckshot

Firing Mechanism

Gas Operated

In gas-operation, a portion of high-pressure gas from the cartridge being fired is used to power a mechanism to extract the spent case and chamber a new cartridge. Energy from the gas is harnessed through either a port in the barrel or trap at the muzzle. This high-pressure gas impinges on a surface such as a piston head to provide motion for unlocking of the action, extraction of the spent case, ejection, cocking of the hammer or striker, chambering of a fresh cartridge, and locking of the action.

Ammunition Description

Caliber: 12 Gauge Buckshot Effective Range 40 Meters Maximum Range: 50 Meters Muzzle Velocity: 1250 (FPS) Muzzle Blast: Large flash followed by traces of burning powder Firing Mode: Semiautomatic, Automatic Recoil: Heavy.

12 Gauge Buckshot

Visual Description: Long red cylinder with a brass base. Ammo: 5 per box magazine, 1 in chamber. 30 per helical magazine, 1 in chamber. Damage Description: (PDR:4) Numerous pellets strike target at once, damage decreasing as distance to target increases.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Button on the back of the receiver. Fire Mode Selector: Left side of the weapon, lever selector. Top is semi-auto and bottom is auto. Weapon Sight: Ghost Ring Sights. Attachment Hard Points: One on the top of the receiver. Side saddle mounted on the left of the shotgun.


Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel down and all moving parts.


1250 DA.

1370 DA Special Edition, Either Silver or Nickel Plating.

Replaceable Parts and Components:

  • Extra Barrel (350 DA)
  • Varying Chokes(100 DA)
  • Extra 5 Round Magazine (One Free With Purchase)
  • Extra 30 Round Magazine (70 DA, One Free With Purchase of “Special Edition”)
  • Compensator (120 DA)
  • Bayonette Lug (80 DA)

Additional Ammo:

  • Box of 45 Shells (50 DA)


  • Black Belt (10 DA, Free with purchase)
  • Black Shell Pouch, attaches to belt. (30 DA, One Free With Purchase)
  • Black Forearm Shell Holder, 4 Shells. (25 DA)
  • Red Dot Sight (120 DA)
  • Engraving (60 DA, 10 DA Per Hour After 10 Hour Initial Engraving Time)

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