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Styrling 'M43' Nova Rifle

Designed in YE 42 after the success of the Styrling Nova Pistol for use by law enforcement, the 'M43' is a military-grade rifle system designed by Styrling Vervaardiging for NSMC and NSN personnel as a higher damage alternative to the M3 Assault Weapon System.

The M43 became a standard-issue option for NSMC marines in YE 43. It was updated with new attachments and enhancements in YE 44 with a marksman configuration.

M43 Nova Rifle
Nomenclature: SV-Nr-02
Purpose: Anti personnel/ anti-armor laser
Price: 800 DA each
Manufacturer: Styrling Vervaardiging

About the Nova Rifle

The nova rifle was designed after the success of its pistol-grade platform for a modernization of the NPF in YE 40, filling the role of a dedicated energy platform where the M3aws was insufficient such as in the void or when facing enemies with exceptional armor or kinetic resistances. The rifle version shares much the same design features as its pistol counterpart such as its iconic bright flash of energy and more.


The M43 was designed in YE-42 by Styrling Vervaardiging following the and success of the nova pistol within the NPF and wanting to continue the momentum into the military market with the same niche. Unfortunately for styrling the market tests towards undermining marines confidence in the iconic HHG โ€˜High Hybrid Gunโ€™ made any likelihood of the NSMC adopting the nova pistol highly unlikely and failed to reach any ground.

Market testing among marines however did show great interest in the pistols SMG configuration and a desire for possibly upscaling the platform into a rifle configuration that would offer more punch than their standard issue rifle, which left many marines wanting when it came to fighting in low-atmospheric conditions and almost completely useless against even light powered armor.

Styrling took these concerns and developed the nova rifle which traded the M3aws' full-auto fire ability and kinetic damage for sheer stopping power and a smaller but rechargeable magazine battery.

The nova rifle earned its nomenclature when it was adopted into not only the NSMC and NSN but even lightly within the IPG in YE-43.

Nomenclature Information

  • Manufacturer: Styrling Vervaardiging.
  • Name: M43 Nova Rifle.
  • Nomenclature: (Sv-Nr-02).
  • Type: Anti personnel/ anti-armor laser
  • Role: Battle rifle
  • Length: 25.4 in
  • Mass: 7.7 pounds.


The M43 is blocky, robust, and all-around unappealing to look at aesthetic-wise compared to some of the other weapons found on the Nepleslian market. It is built with a rather spartan/minimalist design to promote a sense of reliability without the problem of having several small breakable parts or anything excessive in which to snag on clothing or debris. It takes the shape of a blocky bullpup-style rifle with a rear-fed magazine well behind a traditional M3-pistol grip, and a unique square barrel with eight small laser emitter lenses. The rifle also has a built-in bipod, Picatinny rails on the top for optics, and a display on either side for the ambidextrous that displays the remaining charge count left in the inserted magazine.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: The muzzle flash for the M43 lives up to its name. It is bright and overwhelming to the point of threatening blindness through prolonged exposure.
  • Retort: Unlike some laser-based weaponry found in Nepleslia, the M43 is loud and intimidating.
  • Projectile/beam appearance: The visible beam for the brief instant it is seen with the naked eye is an extremely bright phosphorescent green.
  • Effective Range: The beam can reach up to 1,500m before it starts to disperse.
  • Rate of Fire: 120 RPM
  • Recoil: The M43 has a sharp and violent recoil that is wild yet controllable. It pushes against the shoulder when fired but does not jerk in any direction like a kinetic weapons recoil might.


  • Ammunition: Insertable battery magazine, only comes in one size.
  • Purpose: T2 medium anti-personnel
  • Round capacity: Each insertable magazine can hold up to 20 charges.
  • Charge time: Each battery magazine can be recharged if left out in the sun for a minimum time of 3 hours through three small charging channels on each side of the magazine. In an emergency, the magazines can be thrown into a fire and charged within a half-hour if retrieved safely but the charge will be unstable, threatening to explode, and will no longer hold a charge afterward.
Damage Quickchart
Plasma thrower T1
Chainsaw bayonet T1
Automatic chip T2
Base damage T2
Overcharged magazine T3

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Loading: Loaded with a single battery magazine with a fixed amount of charges.
  • Firing modes: Semi-auto; As fast as you can pull the trigger unless using the suppressor vent or automatic enabling chip.
  • Safety mechanism: A button on the mag well disables any charge. Pressing it again will allow the weapon to be fired.
  • Weapon sight: Iron Sights or a small degree of attachable optics.
  • Attachment hardpoints: The M43 has bearings to attach specific underbarrel attachments as well as an upper picatinny style rail for optics.


The m43 has a variety of special addon functions to enhance or modify the weapon for a variety of situations. Each is sold separately.

Suppressor Vent

The M43 has the ability to absorb the recoil and energy discharged by the weapon into vents just before the barrel. This vent will catch and hold discharged energy from the weapon, effectively suppressing any sound from its normally oppressive report. This is at the cost of fire rate, Meaning the wielder must wait a minimum of five seconds before the weapon has been vented and can fire again. The chip can be disabled with the push of a button in case of an emergency. The suppressor vent discharges a considerable amount of heat and is not able to be masked from IR sensing optics.

IR Chip.

A special chip installed in the weapon's focusing lens converts the normally phosphorescent green beam into an IR beam impossible to see with the naked eye, effectively making the weapon fire invisible beams that can't be tracked without IR viewing optics. Paired with the Suppression ability of other enhancements like the suppressor vent may even allow the weapon to be fired in a completely sensitive and stealthy environment. The chip can be removed or re-installed by removing the barrel and replacing or removing the chip. Doing this takes less than a minute with deft hands.

Note: The IR line does not obfuscate the discharged beam from races or optics that actively sense or can perceive infrared spectrum energy such as most night-vision systems or some races like Neko who when actively using such inherent abilities can perceive them.

Automatic Chip

A special chip is insertable into the rifle that allows the M43 to fire through each of its eight lenses instead of all at once, diminishing its firepower in return for a faster rate of fire with decreased accuracy. Holding down the trigger with this chip inserted will simulate automatic fire but will decrease accuracy noticeably as the beam fires out of one of eight different lenses. While the accuracy loss is negligable in close ranges it drops off significantly beyond one hundred meters.

The automatic chip uses 1/8th of the normal charge per shot but is less energy efficient making the normally 20-charge magazine into a 60-charge magazine battery. This chip is best used when expecting to fight in cramped conditions where its accuracy penalty is negligible. It requires the removal of a side-pannel on the weapon to insert or remove the chip and can take several minutes with deft hands to accomplish.

Marksman Configuration

Introduced in YE 44, a custom version of the m43, the 'marksman' configuration is a series of custom-built features to enhance the weapons' performance at longer ranges at the cost of drastically decreased performance at closer ranges. The marksman configuration includes a longer barrel with an increased number of focussing lenses that while not inherently changing the damage output of the weapon does increase its range significantly.

To couple with this increased range, a Styrling-built custom digital scope is included that can change its magnification between 8x-12x and includes not only thermal imaging capabilities but also night vision and a built-in rangerinder.

While the marksman configuration is custom-built, it is still an M43 nova rifle and with time and basic armory skills can replace the barrel with the proper tools to its base battle rifle configuration.

The marksman configuration can also use other styrling lenses such as the IR lense, and can even use overcharged magazines and a suppressor vent. It can not however use the automatic chip or attachments such as the plasma thrower, chainsaw bayonet, or gjallahorn launcher.

  • Optimal Range : 2,000m +/-

20mm Gjallahorn launcher

A 20mm gjallahorn launcher is equipable on the underside of the weapon. It is single-shot only before needing to reload and can use any 20mm gjallahorn shell. A shell is inserted in a trap-door on the side of the launcher and relies on a different set of iron sights installable on the rifle to aim.

Only one underbarrel attachment can be installed on the M43 at a time.

Plasma Thrower

An underbarrel flamethrower-like weapon is attachable to the underside of the weapon. It is fired by a separate trigger attached to the flamethrower and has a threaded tube for disposable plasma tanks. Each flamethrower can spray a limited but deadly amount of airborne and combustible plasma that is ignited by the pilot light at the end of the weapon.

Each plasma thrower can fire continuously for up to ten seconds or through limited bursts and can reach up to 20m in an arc from the weapon. Being plasma and not traditional gas or napalm the plasma thrower works in low or no-air environments.

Only one underbarrel attachment can be installed on the M43 at a time.

Chainsaw Bayonet

A battery-powered chainsaw is attachable to the underside of the weapon and acts much like a traditional bayonet might but is geared more towards slashing and destruction of obstacles or lightly armored enemies. It is powerful enough to cut through tough obstacles and light armor but would catch and be ineffective against thick objects such as hard metal, rocks, or heavy armor.

The chainsaw does not need to be revved up or primed and is activated and de-activated with the push of a button.

Only one underbarrel attachment can be installed on the M43 at a time.

Overcharged Magazine

A special overcharged magazine is available for the weapon. This magazine looks just like any other but lacks the display channels like a normal M43 magazine that often show how much charge is left in the battery.

This magazine is designed to discharge its entire charge all at once, draining the battery in a single burst of energy for extreme damage against potentially heavily armored targets like vehicles or powered armor. The beam's sound and appearance are similar to that of a normal discharge but brighter and louder, because of this the suppressor vent or automatic-enabling chip can not handle the extra heat and energy and is incompatible with this feature and can damage or cause the weapon to explode. It is however compatible with the IR lens.

Datajockey Enhancements

A port exists already installed on the weapon to install a AwesomeCorp DataJockey or equivalent device. It can interface with the weapon and run any apps such devices can and is a helpful alternative to running helpful combat or other related applications, programs, or systems without needing to take any hands off the weapon.

When used by Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia personel such as Tech Specialist it can also be used with a tech specialists Life signs Detector.


already installed on the weapon is a custom military-grade flashlight-laser combination. The light can switch between yellow and red and can go up to 4,000-lumens, while the laser can switch between red-green-blue and can even switch to an IR mode only visible with IR-viewing optics such as night vision optics or devices.


The m43 has a variety of optics options beyond its basic iron sights. The base M43 comes with both a 1x dot sight and 2×6 scope.

=Optic-dot sight= A basic run-of-the-mill dot-sight for close range combat and encounters. 1x magnification and can change colors and icons.

= 2×6 Scope = A mid-range optic the 2×6 is a digital scope that can change its magnification between 2x and 6x magnification for a variety of close to mid-range encounters. It has a basic rangefinder and the reticle can be changed to suit its user as well as glow in a variety of colors. =8×12 scope= Included with the marksman configuration the 8×12 can also be purchased separately. like the 2×6 is can change its magnification from 8x-12x and has a built-in rangefinder and can switch between normal, infrared, and night vision optics.

= 6x Smart Scope= The 'smart scope' is a static 6x digital scope with enhanced rangefinding and fire-correction interface to help combine optical, laser, AI, tactile sensors, letting the user measure their shots more completely, with lower uncertainty and in less time. The scope uses a limited built-in AI-program to anticipate a variety of firing solutions and algorithms to accurately predict where the m43s' beam will strike with a negligible degree of error.

With no bullet drop with an energy weapon and little to no energy decay the smart scope can even predict the movements of targets behind walls and cover and outlines any target with a colored outline to better track them. It also includes night vision, heat sensing, sound detection, and multi-spectrum overlays. = Offset Mount = The m43 can include an offset mount for a dot-sight or a smaller optic offset of the barrel to use in close quarters when a larger optic is already installed


  • M43: 800 DA, comes with a sling and two 20 charge mags
  • 100 DA For the chip for the suppression vent.
  • 100 DA for the IR lens.
  • 100 DA for the automatic chip.
  • 200 DA for the Gjallarhorn launcher.
  • 200 DA for the plasma thrower.
  • 200 DA for the chainsaw bayonet
  • 500 DA for the marksman configuration
  • 5 DA for offset mount.
  • 50 DA for 1x dot-sight optic.
  • 100 DA for 2×6 optic.
  • 125 DA for 8×12 optic.
  • 400 DA for 6x smart optic.
  • 20 DA per spare magazine.
  • 30 DA per overcharged magazine.

Contact your Styrling representative for replacement parts.


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Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameM43 Nova Rifle
ManufacturerStyrling Vervaardiging
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)400.00 KS

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