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Styrling Vervaardiging

Company Statistics
Established YE 30
Employees 3750
Associated FactionsIndependent, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
HeadQuartersNepleslia Prime
Nomenclature IDSv-

About Styrling

โ€œThe silver lining.โ€

After the Universal Protection Act, NAM was no longer able to sell arms and munitions to civilians, and a massive vacuum was left in the market. Founded in early YE 30, Styrling Vervaardiging is a small scale arms manufacturer that hopes to profit from this gap and replace NAM products that are gradually becoming more and more unavailable to civilian buyers.

Rather than complain over the unavailability of NAM goods, people would be able to enjoy the high standard Styrling hopes to set on the new market.

The company's goods themselves are intended to showcase the reputation for rugged reliability, famous in Nepleslian designs throughout the last 3 decades of history in known space, and bring forward elegance and sophistication in a completely Nepleslian manner. Styrling itself specializes in firearms and combat gear, and hopes to diversify into other markets by late YE 30. It has been made clear, however, that Styrling has no intentions of breaking into the military market and replacing NAM products, as that would be highly detrimental to the security of both enterprises, and the progress made since Nepleslia's independence.

In mid YE 30, Styrling began large scale expansion, settling into a facility some three hundred kilometers north of Prime City, that came to be called Silver City. Connected by a high speed rail system between, the complex would offer thousands of new jobs to people on Nepleslia Prime, and might very well turn into a another settlement with time.

In YE 36, Foster Styrling officially partnered with his niece, Alexis Kimball-Styrling, to open a branch of the company, Kimball Limited, formerly โ€œAlexis Armsโ€, to more fully integrate with the desires of both its civilian and military clients for weapons modifications, upgrades, and customized gear within the boundaries of the law.

This decision was following the overwhelming uprising against the Mishhuvurthyar during their occupation of the Nepleslian homeworld, where civilian gun-owners played a large part in the city's salvation in YE 32.

Corporate Goals

  • To continue the tradition of excellence in Nepleslian firearms.
  • To provide civilians with durable and reliable goods at a reasonable price.
  • The advancement of Nepleslian technology in directions untaken by NAM
  • The promotion of free Nepleslian enterprises.


  • Administration
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacture



Prime City, Nepleslia Prime
Facility Workers Status
Prime City Offices (Secondary Administration) 60 Operational
Prime City Factory 01 750 Operational
Prime City Factory 02 750 Operational
Silver City, Nepleslia Prime
Facility Workers Status
Silver City Headquarters 700 Operational
Silver City Research Complex 500 Operational
Silver City Factory 01 750 Operational
Silver City Factory 02 750 Operational
Silver City Factory 03 750 Operational
Silver City Factory 04 750 Operational
Silver City Factory 05 750 Operational
Silver City Factory 06 750 Operational
Silver City HST Transportation 50 Operational
Silver City Testing Range 100 Operational
Silver City Powerplant 400 Operational

Security Forces

Styrling Special Security Division
Team Size Location
Gold 00 30 Prime City Offices
Gold 01 60 PC Factory 01/02
Silver 00 120 Silver City Headquarters/Research Labs
Silver 01 40 SC Factory 01/02
Silver 02 40 SC Factory 02/03
Silver 03 40 SC Factory 04/05
Silver 04 40 SC Factory 06/ Testing Range
Silver 05 120 SC HST/Powerplant



Products and Components


Combat Gear




Foster Kees Styrling Nepleslian, Styrling CEO Personality: Dynamic, focused man with a few odd hobbies. Notes: Dabbles in everything. Appearance: Man in his mid-thirties, lean build, turquoise eyes, short and messy platinum blond hair.
John Skwigleff Nepleslian, Weapons Designer Personality: Easily irritated, mostly just keeps to design work. Notes: Hates bullpup designs. Appearance: Man in his mid-twenties, tall build, green eyes, shoulder-length blond hair.
Raquel Rindal Nepleslian, Defensive Measures Designer Personality: Easy-going, loose, a little eccentric, but not snobby. Notes: Former fashion designer. Appearance: Woman in her early thirties, slightly chubby build, brown eyes, ear-short-but-salon-quality hair.
Lieve Aalmers Human, Director of Human Resources Personality: Calm, helpful and enjoys working with people. Notes: The 'younger' Aalmers twin. Appearance: Woman in her late twenties, light brown hair, blue eyes and distinctly feminine proportions.
Nicoline Aalmers Human, Director of Capital Resources Personality: Calm, very pragmatic and enjoys well-designed things. Notes: The 'older' Aalmers twin. Appearance: Woman in her late twenties, dark brown hair, blue eyes and distinctly feminine proportions.

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