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This contract is set up between the Noval Heavy Industries and Sunavi Corporation after negotiations were concluded. Both parties have come to a mutual agreement to the purchase of various products and services from each other. Below you will find details in regards to the outcome of these negotiations.

Negotiations Result
CEO Igia Sakkarah CEO Nevarra Noval
Established in YE 42

Sunavi Corporations shall deliver the following

  • Pay for the construction cost of Pilgrim Station,
  • Pay for the ship order of 50 NH-Y-1 Mola-class Exploration Vessel ships with additional paint job that reflects the company colors,
  • Reserves space for Noval to set a branch office at Pilgrim,
  • Gives a no-fee on refinery license,
  • Gives permission to build three small shipyards,
  • Signed agreement for preference to Noval ships if it meets the requirements of Sunavi desires. For example a ship design, if it is out of reach of Noval, Sunavi may divert to another.

Noval Heavy Industries shall deliver the following

  • Provides the construction of Pilgrim Station,
  • Provides the ship order made by Sunavi,
  • Provides a office location at Noval Station where Sunavi can settle,
  • Signed agreement for preference to Sunavi services to others if available in the region where the transportation is needed.
  • Noval agrees to pay half of Pilgrim Stations costs.

OOC Notes

Rawolfe created this article on 2020/04/15 15:08.

  • This was RPed out in the following thread.

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