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Swabbers Co.

“No questions.”

Swabbers Co.™ is a starship and spacestation cleaning, repair and recovery service corporation known for its discretion and dedicated customer focus. Swabbers Co.™ provides ship detailing services for everything from the smallest shuttle to the largest cruiser, both interior cleaning and exterior polishing. Its staff may also be contracted as part of a ships crew for a set duration as a civilian contractor.

More About Swabbers Co.

Swabbers Co.™ uses a stylized outline of its staffs distinctive yellow coveralls uniform as its logo, sometimes with a slanted broom over the center.

The company provides a variety of services relating to space vehicle maintenance and cleaning, as well as more serious repairs or rescue. It is based around highly mobile operations that allow Swabbers to provide services almost anywhere a civilian starship can travel.

Swabbers Co.™ is an equal opportunity, multi-cultural employer. Ability to speak Trade is a plus, but not required. Must be physically fit. Applicants with mechanical or starship operation experience or aptitude will be looked on favorably.

General Information

Swabbers Co.
CEO Gosig Avaraia Octotus Mugaren
Faction Independent
Product Symbol Sw


Swabbers Co. is primarily divided into simple, but clear, organizational leaderships.

Fleet Crew are responsible for maintaining Swabbers Co facilities, assets and personnel to operational levels.

Channel Management Crew are responsible for the efficent and effective deployment of assets and personnel as required by customer orders.

Customer Service are responsible for processing and accepting orders from customers and providing that information to the Channel Management crew. They are also responsible for brushing off any customer complaints.

Corporate Headquarters

Primary business operations and decisions are carried out on board a modified Courier 2c 'Collector'-class freighter called the SS Gumption, otherwise known as The Gump. The Gump acts as corporate headquarters, warehouse, and working platform. It is often seen carrying multiple Ge-T1-1A - Transatmospheric Shuttles on its exterior hull.

Personnel Delivery Options

Currently Swabbers Co. uses these vehicles to shuttle its personnel as needed:

4x Ge-T1-1A - Transatmospheric Shuttle: Ge-T1's are used as utility shuttles on repair details with their large capacity and slim profiles. They may also carry ground vehicles if required. They are commonly stored on airlocks on the exterior of The Gump. Their names are Mud Bucket, Miyagi, Kettle Bray, and Kutol.

2x OI-T2-1A "Starbryte": Starbryte's are used as a cheaper personnel transport to the more heavily loaded Ge-T1's, transporting more lightly equipped swabber cleanup-details to client ships and stations in space. Their names are The Arcada and The Millard.


Due to the variety of work Swabbers Co.™ partakes in it uses specialized teams of Swabbers that can be rapidly sent out to service customers on a call-by-call basis.

Swabbers Cleanup Detail

The most basic Swabbers Co service, these teams will provide janitorial and cleaning duties including light maintenance and replenishment as well as disposal. C-Detail focuses on sprucing up mostly functional starships and vehicles, improving the living quality and face value for their customers. Customers are charged by the degree of services required, as well as the difficulty of operation or level of undesirable material extracted.

These Swabbers may also be contracted out as part of a ships company for specific time periods or voyages.

Swabbers Repair Detail

R-Detail focus on restoring functionality to moderately up to heavily damaged starships and stations, focusing mainly on internal systems and repairs. Scaling team specializations to the level of repair required, the fastest, most experienced crews forming a corp of Heavy Repair Detail crews.

HR-Detail are offered to customers with heavily damaged ships and space station sections, focusing on large-scale repairs over both external and internal systems. Their primary purpose is often to restore integrity and basic function to the vehicle or that section of it despite damage that may verge on, or exceed, catastrophic. Because of the demand for such specialist services HR-Detail are usually pulled off once it's clear the cheaper and more junior light repair crew can continue any required repairs.

Swabbers Emergency Response and Salvage Detail

ERSD are a specialist crew that are deployed to rescue badly damaged or stranded spaceships to recover surviving crew and passengers and attempt to return the ship to safe harbor. They are equipped with specialist anti-pirate devices and training and may be ex-military personnel, they are also trained in restoring functionality to vital ships in order to recover the vessel under its own power where it can then either be repaired or scrapped.

Known Swabbers

None that particularly stand out.

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