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Te-G2 Game Buddy

Logo A TC Company

Manufacturer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) Nomenclature: Te-G2-1a Designer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) Price: 135 KS Released: YE 28


Like the Anaba, the game buddy is designed to entertain. It is a small hand held device designed to play games, store data, play movies, music be a personal organizer and communicate with your best friend. It contains a large storage hard drive, a wireless communications device, a flat holograph projection screen and a slot for data cubes. The screen can be set to project a image to the size of 32โ€œ, 4โ€ 10โ€œ or 19โ€

Appearance and Add-ons

Visual - a 10โ€œ total area hand held console with a pair of thumb sticks and various buttons.

Extras - Virtual reality headset, Program cubes [games, tasks, etc.].

Notes - Although it is a decent machine, the Game buddy has its limitations. It is a very small portable device, but it wouldn't really find its way into army service.

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