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VCE Booth


The VCE Booth is an alternate user interface for the Virtual Collective Experience, it became available in YE 34.


The VCE Booth was originally developed for commercial applications, but after development it was decided to allow private purchase as well. The booth first appeared in the VCE Cafe, but it was soon put to use as an optional SYNC terminal. The booth is also available in a two person model.

The booth acts in the same capacity as the VCE Console except for a single individual.


Manufacturer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) Nomenclature: Te-P1-E3403 Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Price: 1,500 KS (Single), 3,000 KS (Double)


The booth is entered through a sliding door on the side. The door has a lock on the inside for the user's protection and privacy. The back wall is padded and can be used as a platform for the user. The lower portion pulls out from the wall to create a sloped surface for the user. There is a HALO attached to the padded surface by a cable.

The booth is ventilated and has a number of fans to cycle the air, it can also at the owners discretion be tied into their HVAC. There is a ceiling mounted lamp that turns off when the VCE session begins.

The Single booth is 48โ€œ deep and 30โ€ wide, the double is 48โ€œ deep and 60โ€ wide.


Privately owned VCE booths, can be modified with the same Options used by the VCE Chair.

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