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The HALO is the primary user interface for the Virtual Collective Experience, it became available in YE 34.


The common interface for users accessing the VCE is the HALO. It is a circular device that is the interface between the system and the user's brain. When activated it glows with a soft yellow hue, from which it gets its name. The HALO intercepts the signals from the brain for moving the body. It is also capable of directly sending physical sensations to the user from the VCE. So if the user is in a rain storm, they would feel rain drops hitting their skin, as well as the body reacting to the cold water. While the HALO is active the user is unaware of their physical body. However, the system does monitor the body, and in the event of a medical emergency the system will shut down the interface.

It also With the HALO the system can access the user's thoughts. It captures not just the thought, but also the emotional reactions to stimuli as well as what motion the person is thinking of doing.


Manufacturer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET)
Nomenclature: Te-P1-E3401
Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D
Price: 25 KS


When first used by a user the HALO goes into a calibration. This is essential for the unit to be able to make a reliable connection. During the initialization the user specifies a passcode to disengage the HALO. The passcode can be a word, phrase or an image.

Initialization takes sixty seconds and the unit synchronizes with the user's neural system. Once complete the system automatically engages and the user is taken into the entry room to choose their destination.


The HALO is an oval translucent ring that has a number of elements somewhat visible from outside. When activated the ring glows with a golden aura.


The HALO consists of the following components.

Neural Reader

This is the portion of that receives the thought impulses and interprets them for the system. It converts not just the processes, but also the signals the brain sends to control the body. This means the user in the VCE moves just as they do in reality. They want to pick something up, they simply reach for it. They want to stand or sit, they just do as they would in reality, and the HALO makes their Avatar do they same.

The HALO can also be used to access the user's memory at the request of the user. The person must think about the specific event and provide the specific duration of memories to be accessed. While the HALO is accessing the user's memory, no other VCE activity can take place.

Sensory Transmitter

For the VCE to achieve the level it does the HALO is equipped with circuits that provide sensory data. This allows the user to feel sensations on their skin such has hot, cold, smooth, rough. This unit is also responsible for providing the visual and auditory data for the user.

Biosystem Filter

The Filter is an essential component for the HALO. It serves two purposes.

First, the Filter inhibits the voluntary motor functions. This keeps the user's body from reacting physically to what the user is doing in the VCE. It allows basic autonomic signals from the brain to continue, and keeps the body in a state of relaxation.

Second, the Filter blocks the physical sensations of the body from the user. This ensures that the user while immersed in the VCE does not feel their physical form. It also provides a physical status to the VCE connection that user is on.

Species Compatibility

Because the HALO interfaces with the brain and body of the user it has to be programmed for that. Currently the HALO is designed and programmed to work with the following species:

Other species may be added as marketing demands warrant.

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