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Tamahagane Ta-W1-1a - Katana

All Tamahagane Katana are single-edged, curved long swords. They feature the Tamahagane kanji stamped into the left side of the blade in front of the Tsuba or guard. They come with a Saya or scabbard that matches the Tsuka-ito (wrap of the handle) of the sword. The basic Tsuka-ito is made of cotton.

Tamahagane Company


  • Name: Katana
  • Nomenclature: Ta-W1-1a
  • Type: Sword
  • Role: Anti-personnel
  • Length: 70 and 73 cm (27.6 and 28.7 inches)
  • Mass: 1 kg average
  • Price: 150 KS
  • Damage Rating (Version 3): Tier 2 (Medium Anti-Personnel), Tier 0 for practice blades
  • Blade Composition: Steel


OOC Notes

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Yuuki updated this article for Damage Rating (Version 3) on 2020 March 17. Approval Thread.

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