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Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a - Katana (Advanced)

The Advanced Tamahagane Katana is a single-edged, curved long sword. It has the Tamahagane kanji manufactured into the left side of the blade in front of the Tsuba or guard. They come with a Saya or scabbard that matches the Tsuka-ito (wrap of the handle) of the sword. The basic Tsuka-ito is made of cotton. The blade is manufactured under very strict guidelines using equipment purchased from Ketsurui Zaibatsu. The monomolecular edged blade gives the weapon greater penetration and damage.

Tamahagane Company


  • Name: Katana
  • Nomenclature: Ta-W1-3a
  • Type: Sword - Monomolecular Edge
  • Role: Anti-personnel
  • Length: 70 and 73 cm (27.6 and 28.7 inches)
  • Mass: 1 kg average
  • Price: 750 KS
  • Damage Rating (Version 3): Tier 2 (Heavy Anti-Personnel)
  • Blade Composition: Yamataium


OOC Notes

Created by Nashoba. Approval Thread.

Yuuki updated this article for Damage Rating (Version 3) on 2020 March 17. Approval Thread.

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