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Tamahagane Corporation Security Force


The Tamahagane Corporation Security Force (TCSF) was formed in YE 33 to protect all assets of the corporation.

Security person


Tamahagane Clan has always been mindful of the need for security. This is why the clan maintains their own Samurai. With the formation of the Tamahagane Corporation; the need to protect their expanding corporate assets physical and intellectual as well as personnel became a priority. Rather than outsourcing their security needs; Tamahagane established their own private security force. Their philosophy was people who were in the clan or corporation would be more motivated than people hired from outside companies. TCSF works closely with the Samurai. The current leader of TCSF is a Tamahagane Samurai.


TCSF protects the various ground based corporate facilities. They provide grounds security, as well as internal. Restricted areas are monitored by senior personnel. They are responsible for screening personnel and packages as needed. Persons breaking into corporate facilities are turned over to the local authorities.

Shuei - Security guards wear a distinctive uniform designed for the security force.


TCSF's operation takes on a very different nature in space. For this reason the clan created to separate sections.


TCSF is responsible for keeping the area around their space facilities secure. This includes screening craft for hazards that are approaching. TCSF coordinates with local security organizations, like the Yamatai Security Agency. TCFS routinely patrols around the facilities.


TCSF is responsible for protecting significant corporate assets while moving outside of the Yamatai Star Empire control space. For this responsibility they acquired a number of Ge-C1-2a - Ookami-Class Light Cruiser to escort stations being deployed, and corporate merchant fleets


TCSF is charged with providing security for corporate personnel. This is in addition to any Samurai who are personally assigned to clan personnel. Typically this level of protection is reserved for senior corporate personnel, for persons operating in hazardous areas. Or when a threat has been made against a member of the corporation.


Security person The TCSF uniform is the same as the corporate uniform with the addition of a hat and duster. It consists of:

  • Trousers, dark brown (864101)
  • Dress shirt (white) or light brown (CD8847), with brown buttons
  • Skirt, Pencil, dark brown (864101)
  • Jacket (optional) - Dark brown (864101) bomber jacket with signature TCSF on the breast. Jacket has front slant pockets, two internal pockets and fastens at the front with a zip. Jacket has ribbed hem with button fastening collar. Visual link for style
  • Shoes, dress black
  • Coat (Duster) Visual link for style blue (014687)
  • Hat, Peaked cap light brown (CD8847)

Issued Equipment

Access to equipment

TCSF personnel have access to:

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