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The Forge

A company that was founded during the centuries of conflict between the Nepleslian Greens and the Reds. This company was devoted towards the advancement of cybernetic technology and breakthroughs. While Uesureyan Horizons worked to develop longetivity by perfecting human genomes and DNA, The Forge tried to improve the human condition through cybernetics. Many experiments were performed to map out the human brain into computers as well as increase speed and intelligence. Another research branch was the one devoted towards warfare. With the neverending conflict there was no shortage of funding or subjects.

One project that especially began to blossom was the Metal Ascendancy. With the initial success of this project over the years The Forge was able to continue its research until the business was sold off in a hostile take over. Speculation was made over how such a successful company could have been taken over but one reason was due to bizarre business practices. At one point it seemed that The Forge was no longer turning a true profit or even bother to try. Yet somehow it was still able to continue operating. By the time the paperwork was completed all of it's resources had vanished. Laboratories, warehouses, personnel even, were missing and unaccounted for. Legal proceedings occurred and convicted certain executives but due to a lack of proof the conviction was eventually overturned. Rumors persisted to what happened but no true sign of what truly became of The Forge has been found.

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