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Founded by: Max Grinde, Jonathan Lime and Sally Higgins

Max and Sally have known each other since college. Max then meet Jonathan at an art exhibition, after taking for hours about a piece of art Max took Jonathan’s number and they have been friends since. Max then introduced Jonathan to Sally; they instantly got on and have been in a relationship for 2 years now. They have always loved drama and music and thought up the idea for a company like this when they realized there wasn’t another company linked with television and drama. They realized they needed funding and have been looking into the best option, they have decided that Emrys Industries would be there best bet and have got in contact with Seru Emrys. They are planning to make a deal with Emrys Industries, and are planning to expand their enterprise in to several areas that have not been focused on in the past.

These include: Programs Movies Music Information service Advertisement Theater Educational programs Drama schools

Max, Jonathan and Sally have had ideas about drama schools. They believe that drama is a part of life and all children should experience it. They have had ideas about building a chain of drama school, on different ships and planets. Though their first real target is the YSS Destiny, as they believe this would be the perfect place to begin their enterprise. Their idea is to start of the enterprise with a competition, this competition will seek the best actors around in an attempt to produce a film to get Ultimate-Vision name on the market. Thus they will then be know and people will want to come to their school, as they might then get into another film and succeed in acting.

The school, would take place every day, there would be classes for the young and old. These classes would then put on performances. This is linked with the three's idea about theaters. They have had ideas that the theaters should be linked with the drama schools, and take place in the same place. The theaters would charge for entry, however it would not cost much. If you wanted to get membership this would also mean that small performances that take place on one night would cost nothing and the big performances that go on for weeks would cost less.

Max, Jonathan and Sally have had ideas on a television channel. This will be called 'Ultimate Television'. They have ideas on other channels but want to start of with one and see how much of a success it is first. Programs such as 'Pimp my Ship' will be played, they will have music and documentaries with advertisement for company's that want it. Of course Emrys will be one. There will also be educational programs running in the morning for children and information services, for the adults, showing in the evening like the news. Documentary's and comedy programs will be shown, to exert a variety, so that different people's tastes are met. These will be produced and made by Ultimate-Vision.

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