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Unau Wibla Auhali

Unau Wibla Auhali (UWA) is a Corporation based in the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. It produces products for the Kuvexian Military and is owned by Baron Kordoon.

Unau Wibla Auhali
Faction Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia
Ownership Baron Gello Kordoon
Type Military Industrial
Acronym UWA
Motto “Blood turns the highest profits”
Manager Andrew

About Unau Wibla Auhali

In YE 42, at the height of the Kuvexian War, at the request of King Kalapom many Corporations looked towards the invasion of the Yamatai Star Empire as a means for profit. Baron Gello Kordoon, socialite and corporate mogul, was quick to jump at the opportunity and has geared his multifaceted corporate conglomerate towards supplying the Kuvexian Military with everything from warships to small arms.

The Baron and his Harem have been noted to have traveled with the Kuvexian Military into the annexed territory to establish manufacturing and production infrastructure.

Facilities and Assets

  • In development


Standard Methods

Discontinued Products

There are no discontinued products at this time.

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