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UMC Utility Glove

The Utility Glove is a pre-configured Utility Goo product designed to provide superior hand protection and replace a variety of simple, hand-held tools.

Form Factor

Each Utility Glove is composed of 0.22kg/0.44lb of Utility Goo, pre-shaped in the form of a glove, and each pair of gloves is controlled by a single UG Regulation Node. The UG Regulation Node that is included with the Utility Glove is housed in a small trapezoidal Durandium Alloy plate that can adhere to the back of either hand.

Basic Functions

As a Utility Goo product, the potential uses of the Utility Glove are limited only by the imagination of the user (and the basic capabilities of Utility Goo), but the Utility Glove also has a number of pre-programmed functions:

Perfect Fit

The Utility Glove automatically adjusts to hug your hand like a second skin, and Utility Goo's innate inertia and gravity manipulation abilities ensure that you never feel like you're wearing a bulky work glove, even when you are.

Perfect Look

From subdued black leather driving gloves to 'caution' yellow work gloves, the Utility Glove can change its shape and color to serve any number of roles.

Grip Enhancement

By forming a web of synthetic 'muscles' around your hand and fingers, the Utility Glove can greatly enhance your grip strength; extra power, for those extra tough jobs.

Sticky Fingers

The augmented van der Waals forces that make Utility Goo possible also allow the Utility Glove to simulate the adhesive qualities of the strongest molecular adhesive, where and when you desire; never drop your favorite coffee mug again.

Soft Hands

The internal surface of the Utility Glove pampers your skin with a custom-tailored environment, courtesy of Utility Goo's unique bio-synthetic qualities.

Hard Hands

The external surface of the Utility glove can harden to form a flexible armored shell (DR 4) to protect your hands from even the harshest work environments.

Any Tool

The Utility Goo material of the Utility Glove can be reshaped to form just about any simple tool you can imagine, but for a precision fit, the Utility Glove comes pre-loaded with the specifications for a variety of standard tool measurements.

Control Interface

The Utility Glove can be controlled via telepathic interface, computer interface, voice control or through a simple GUI that is accessible through the surface of the Utility Glove itself.

Power Use

The Utility Glove's micro-capacitor cell can power it for up to three months of typical use (changing configuration 1-4 times per day), or one month of active use (changing configuration greater 8-12 times per day). Heavy use of some functions, such as Grip Enhancement and Hard Hands, may significantly impact this operational life. The Utility Glove can be charged in three minutes via the included magnetic induction charging cradle.

Cost and Availability

  • Cost: 150 KS per pair (Tentative)
  • Availability: General (No Restricted Technologies)

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