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'Arbitrator' Pistol

Designer: United Manufacturing Cooperative Manufacturer: United Manufacturing Cooperative (Suggested) Price: 500 HS (Not for civilian sale) Individual Component Costs: Upper Assemblies (Including slide and barrel): 100 HS Lower Assembly: 150 HS Under-barrel 16 gauge Launcher: 100 HS Under-Barrel Light and Laser: 25 HS Topside Mountable Light-Laser: 25 HS Topside Mountable Reflex-Sight: 50 HS Auto-Registering Grips: 150 HS Compensated Upper Assemblies: +10 HS Compact Frame: +50 HS

Nomenclature Information

Name: Arbitrator Military Pistol Type: Solid Ammunition Model: UMC-SA-HG-P-01-30, UMC-SA-HG-P-01-30-C, and UMC-SA-HG-P-01-30-CO, UMC-SA-HG-P-01-30-CC0 1) Role: Military Grade Anti-Personnel and Anti-Light Armor Length: 8.75 Inches / 22.225 Centimeters. Mass: 2.2 Pounds / 997.9 Grams

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Solid Ammunition Firing Mechanism: Recoil Operated, A round is initially chambered by pulling back on the slide of the weapon, which carries out a mechanical action which moves a bullet out from the magazine of the weapon and into the chamber. In this same action, the weapon is cocked and ready to fire. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer of the pistol impacts the bullet's primer, thus igniting the chemical charge within the bullet casing. The ignition process releases heated gases which expand and propel the bullet down the barrel of the weapon. The resulting recoil of the bullet is harnessed through a spring mechanism which operates the pistol's action and chambers another bullet while cocking the hammer, thus preparing the pistol to be discharged again.

Additionally, excess recoil pressure is reduced through the use of recoil absorbing springs.

Calibers: The Arbitrator has been designed to utilize multiple upper assemblies which can be switched depending on the needs of the user. Calibers available for the upper assembly include; 2)

Note: The standard issue Arbitrator issued to Peacekeeper forces is chambered for 9.1mm 3)
Note: All bullets are situated within their shell casings deep enough to allow for all listed rounds to fit into the weapon's chamber
  • 4.3mm x 10.16mm x 35mm
  • 5.58mm x 10.16mm x 35mm
  • 9.1mm x 10.16mm x 35mm
  • 16 Gauge Under Barrel Launcher
Note: Special ordered Arbitrator pistols can be ordered which are designed to utilize the following calibers.
  • LSDF-12mm
  • NAM-12mm4)
  • KZ-10mm5)
:!: Ranges listed are applicable in 1g of gravity
:!: Ranges listed are relevant to the 9.1mm round

Effective Range 75 Meters. Maximum Range: 300 Meters. Minimum Range: 0.

Muzzle Velocities:

  • 4.3mm: 2350 Ft/s
  • 5.58mm: 2200 Ft/s
  • 9.1mm: 1300 Ft/s
  • KZ-10mm: ????6)
  • 16 Gauge Under Barrel Launcher: Varies depending on load
  • NAM-12mm: 1320 Ft/s
  • LSDF-12mm: Standard: 900 ft/s / Chemical: 1,200 ft/s.

Muzzle Blast: The muzzle blast of the Arbitrator consists of a cone-like ejection of visible heated gas which has a yellow tint.

Firing Modes: Single Shot, Semi-Auto, Two-shot Burst, Under Barrel Accessory

Recoil: The recoil produced is moderate to heavy depending on the shooter's training experience. Compensated models have moderate manageable recoil.

Rate of Fire: 300 Rounds Per Minute

Damage Rating: Varies depending on ammunition loaded, yet utilizing standard FMJ ammunition, a damage rating of 2 is inflicted, or 3 if high velocity chemical propellant is utilized.

Ammo Description

Name: Lorath Solid Munitions, 10.16mm wide casing x 35mm long. Visual Description: Rounds up to 10mm have a 'bottleneck' shape to the round casing. The magazine for the round is a standard box magazine which fits flush within hand grip of the Arbitrator. Ammo: 9 Round Standard Magazine Damage Description: Varies depending on ammunition utilized.

Name: Optional Magazine Systems Information: A series of additional magazine systems have been developed for the Arbitrator. These systems include an extended magazine, drum magazine, double drum magazine, and helical-feed magazine with rifle-stock. Ammo:

  • Extended Magazine: 15 Rounds
  • Drum Magazine: 40 Rounds
  • Double Drum Magazine: 80 Rounds
  • Helical-Feed Magazine With Rifle Stock: 150 Rounds

Name: Under Barrel 16 Gauge Launcher. Payload To be used with Lorath Solid Munitions, however, has been designed to be utilized with an electrical pulse delivery slug. Application: When fired, the electrical pulse delivery slug is launched from the barrel, it then impacts the target individual and implants a set of electrodes into the target's tissues or upon their clothing. After the contact is made, a series of electrical pulses are released from the slug. Visual Description: An optional accessory located beneath the barrel of the pistol. Ammo: 1 Damage Description: Damage varies depending on ammunition, however, the electrical impulse slug is designed to stun the target and cause neurological disruption and muscle spasms which are non-lethal. Damage Rating: 0

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, a neural-lock system is included in the grip of the weapon, a selector switch is also included which allows for the weapon to be switched into a safe mode. Fire mode selector: A selector switch is included on the weapon which allows the weapon to be switched between safe, single shot, semi-auto, and two-shot bursts. Weapon Sight: Yes, iron sights or optional red-dot reflex sights. Attachment Hard points: Yes, located beneath the barrel, rear of slide on rear sight, and front of slide on front sight. Neural Lock System: Like the Peacekeeper Personal Communicator, the Arbitrator has been designed to include a neural lock system which would prevent unauthorized personnel from handling the weapon by authenticating the user's identity based on their neural electrical signature.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: It is recommended that the weapon be cleaned and oiled after every usage. Every twelve months a battery located in the grip must be replaced to allow for proper unit function. Replaceable Parts and components: All parts are interchangeable with replacements which can be ordered from the manufacturer. A majority of the components can be swapped without the use of tools, however, some components may require the use of common-place hand tools to be accessed or replaced. Upper Assembly Swapping: The upper assembly of the Arbitrator can be easily removed and replaced without the use of tools. A cache button must be depressed, and the slide pulled forward which results in the removal of the upper assembly of the weapon which consists of the components housed beneath and within the confines the slide of the weapon.

Visual Description

Full Size Arbitrator

Compact Arbitrator


With the formation of the United Outer Colonies and the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces, the weapons which were utilized by the soldiers of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet became a sign of a time gone by. A new weapon design was needed to fit to the style and needs of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeper Forces. Along with the Peacekeepers, the Lorath Self Defense Force was in need of a standard semi-automatic pistol design for their forces which would be able to deliver the proper firepower needed for military service. Seeing this issue, the United Manufacturing Cooperative developed the Arbitrator to serve as a proper sidearm.

Four models were produced, the Arbitrator standard, the Arbitrator compensated, the Arbitrator compact, and the Arbitrator compact compensated.

United Manufacturing Cooperative - Solid Ammunition - Hand Gun - Pistol - Model 01 - Year 30 - (C)compact / (CO)mpensated / (C)ompact (CO)mpensated
The following listings are arranged by bullet width, casing width, casing length
4) , 5)
Special authorization required
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