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Universal Cinematics

Universal Cinematics, officially Universal Cinematics & Motion Pictures Company but mostly known simply as Universal, was one of the largest and most influential Film distribution and Film production companies in the early years of Yamatai until its bankruptcy in YE 19.

General Information
Industry Film
Founded YE 02
Founder(s) Jogothi Maio, Kikkawa Michi, Ketsur Sowaji
Key People Jogohthi Maio (President), Kikkawa Michi (Co-chairman: YE 02-YE 15), Edward Krueger (Nepleslian, Co-chairman: YE 15-YE 19), Ketsur Sowaji (Chief of Production)
Headquarters Geshrinopolis, Planet Yamatai
Departments Temple Effects & Sounds, Universal Film Park, Universal Home Entertainment
Subsidiaries Rose Animation, NDE Productions, Italic Cartoons Productions
Employees ~120,000 (in late YE 19)
Capital ~842,630,920 KS (in YE 19)
Disbanded YE 19


Universal Cinemaitcs was created in YE 02, and spearheaded by visionaries Maio, Michi, and Sowaji. Its development was supported by the Ketsurui Clan. Maio remained President until the end of the company, while Michi served as Chief of Production and Sowaji as co-Chairman, who remained as well. Michi left the company in YE 15 after disagreements over the quota of female employees, and was replaced by Edward Krueger. Most of its production was based on Planet Yamatai, in the capital city of Geshrinopolis. By the end of YE 14, its top year, it employed over 250,000 people from across the galaxy.

It was known for its big productions and high quality filmmaking, as well as its ensemble of well-known actors/actresses and directors. By the end of YE 17 however, the popularity had been decreasing for the company, due to its loss of the monopoly on film making to other newcomer film companies. Its last feature, Magic Spell (released in YE 19), managed to become a Cult hit, however it did not get enough profit for the company to get out of debt, and in September YE 19, Universal filed for bankruptcy and sold all of its assets, as well as its studio grounds. Most of it was split between Stardust Pictures, with whom it had done several productions before, and Yukosfilm Ltd, who's members had been in the company before. Other companies maintained use of their facilities, until Geshrinopolis was destroyed in the Fourth Elysian War, although the remains of the studios were brought to Hoshiutsu Studios at the Memorial of Fallen Studios.

Television & Radio

During the glory days of Universal, it maintained an extensive network of television and radio stations, most notably UTC 4 to 8, UTC Sports 1 and 2, and UTC News. UTC News was able to weather Universal's sell-out, and was ultimately shut down in YE 22.

On the radio it had ownership over URS 1 to 3 & News, UpLink Station, and C-101. These stations were mostly shut down, but UpLink remains as of YE 38.

Logo & Theme

Universal's logo saw some transition from its beginning to end. First, it was a blue canvas with three five-point stars in the centre. This logo was in use until YE 09, when two stars were added, for a total of five stars that rotated in a pentagon. A special 'ten years anniversary' was used in YE 12, which featured the five stars on top of a picture of Planet Yamatai. This logo was in use since then until the company's end in YE 19. During film intros, the logo was shown with the orchestral tune of the company, known as the 'Universal's Fanfare'.

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