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Universal Explorer's Guild

Motto: “Search, and you shall Find”

Founded only a few years ago, the Universal Explorer's Guild (UEG) still stands today. This agency yields many intrepid men and women, young and old, experienced or new. People of any race or background are accepted.

The UEG has official branches in Yamatai, Nepleslia, Elysia Novus and Tami. Ohara, Delsauria and formerly CSEIA Station boast unofficial branches staffed and funded by the members. While these outposts are skimpy on the supplies, there are always a few members willing to lend a hand.

The major goals of the guild are to explore every nook and cranny of the universe and to recover artefacts of various sorts to preserve in museums for future generations.


The UEG has a fairly well organized system, with messages being relayed from system to system from lower ranking members, jokingly nicknamed 'Messengers'. They get around by using a mix of shuttles, small ships and other such vessels equipped with FTL, their tools are easily obtainable from hardware stores and some specialty stores, but nothing too flashy. While the technology has changed around them, their methods remain the same. Tested by time and strengthened by tradition.


Members inside the guild are usually very humble, but the occasionally greedy member is not an unknown phenomenon. The guild promotes being selfless as opposed to selfish, for it defiles the art in itself. Most of the relics and places found are donated to Museums, Libraries and probably Military Records for sensitive objects. Soldiers of any Military (Except for the Reds) seem to be favoured by the Guild, due to their ability to get from A to B quickly along with their resources. Having a badge of exploration is always fine too. Joining the guild is usually done by a certain rite of passage, assigned to the member by one of the higher-ups. It may range from navigating to a certain system, to a shooting contest or helping an experienced member in an archaeological dig. After this, they are considered a member.

Rules and Guidelines

i. Do not steal from the guild. ii. Do not attack a guild member. iii. Recovering artefacts for yourself is considered a selfish act and a gross misuse of the guild's services. iv. Failing to revere a guild superior is generally not advised. v. Do not go looking for Earth. It's all a myth anyway. vi. Selling your services under a contract (From an individual, organization or an Army) is considered selfish. All of our work is natural. However, if you do take up jobs with the aid of the guild and the artefact is donated to the appropriate place, a portion of the reward should be donated in order to keep funds up. vii. Donations are welcome.


There are three major wings of the Guild, each one governs a different aspect and caters for a different audience. It is not uncommon for a member to be a member in more than one wing, or all three.

The Archaeologist's Wing (Heart) - These men and women are unafraid of any cave, any temple or anywhere else. Their skills in careful excavation and finding artefacts is bewildering. Prerequisites: Must be proficient in (De)Construction, and in some cases, Demolitions.

The Marksmen's Wing (Hands) - A group of soldiers and mercenaries made for the sole purpose of protecting the guild. They are under oath to serve the guild and to protect its members. Usually always well presented and great with what they have in their hands. Prerequisites: Must be proficient in the use of Melee weapons, Handguns, Rifles and in some cases, Stealth.

The Explorer's Wing (Eyes) - With a pair of binoculars, a personal ship to pilot and a compass, these hearty guys and girls know how to navigate all sorts of terrain, and space. Prerequisites: Must be proficient in Navigation and Survival, and in some cases, Physical Prowess is useful.


Ranks of the Explorer's Guild
Archaeologist Wing Marksman Wing Explorer's Wing
1.Curator Marksman Adventurer
2.Collector Sharpshooter Explorer
3.Speleologist Archer Voyager
4.Spelunker Arbalester Journeyer
5.Excavator Scout Traveller
6.Exhumer Reconnoiterer Peregrinator
7.Investigator Trailblazer Excursionist
8.Field Worker Lookout Sightseer
9.Digger Greenie Tourist

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