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-====== HSSSCC Tug ====== 
-The HSSSCC Tug is an upgraded version of the [[corp:​wazu:​starshipenginecontainerye38]] developed in [[calendar:​ye_38]],​ intended for use where either strong engines are needed, or more versatility is required. ​ 
-{{:​corp:​wazu:​skinlesstug.png?​400 |}} 
-===== About the Ship ===== 
-The HSSSCC Tug is intended to replace the [[corp:​wazu:​starshipenginecontainerye38]] for certain applications,​ specifically for military ships that would benefit from being able to detach their engines as small secondary drones or in larger ships where the added engine power would provide additional utility. 
-The drone itself only has basic functionality,​ sensors, and an over-abundance of FTL propulsion. The padded front section can be used to act like a tug and push objects in certain directions while the edges of the container itself use standard latch-on bolts to connect it with the same tie downs used for normal starship containers. Inset into the top and bottom center are power, data, and coolant connections that can also extend and connect automatically. 
-The tug is remotely piloted, and while it can be given basic instructions it is not very capable on its own. The tug uses four [[faction:​uso:​u-g3901]] for propulsion, making it far more complex to produce than the YE 38 version of the engine container. As such the earlier container is still intended to be used for most applications. The engines of the container are mostly directed rearward, though they can slowly move the container around in any direction through manipulation of gravity. The large reaction wheels in the front of the container are used to keep the container properly oriented even if it doesn'​t have a solid connection to its payload. 
-==== Appearance ==== 
-The tug has the same form factor as a huge size [[stararmy:​interiors:​standard_starship_cargo_containers]] The front of the container has four inset small sensors, as well as padding on all sides. Midway down the container is a top and bottom slot with extendable power, data, and coolant connections. On either side at the mid section are large radiators for dissipating waste heat. The top and bottom also contain intakes for gasses that can be used as reaction mass. These feeds can be passed to the engine or into the internal storage tanks. The rear of the container has the four exhaust vents for the engines, each slightly inset so that they don't extend beyond the frame of the container. ​ 
-With the skin removed, the front of the craft contains the reaction wheels and other control equipment. A power bus leads back to the storage tanks and engines in the rear, leaving a bit of open space just in front of the midsection of the container. 
-{{:​corp:​wazu:​tugwithskin.png?​400 |}} 
-===== History and Background ===== 
-As part of the [[corp:​wazu:​c5]] development,​ [[character:​heram_j._wazu]] started containerizing many systems and modules with the end goal of being able to very quickly assemble a ship using off the shelf containers. While the original [[corp:​wazu:​starshipenginecontainerye38]] served its function well, one with more thrust was needed for certain military applications as the original container was more suited for pushing slower combat ships rather than faster interceptor types. Since the trouble was already being made to create stronger engines, it made sense to also add in some self-control capability for upgrades down the line. The initial plan was to use the upgraded engine container as a tug to help move complex shapes, or to quickly re-position the containers to move allied ships. However this feature also allows for certain upgrades to be added down the line such as weapon, protection, or surveillance systems to allow the container to double as a multi-function drone. ​ 
-===== Statistics and Performance ===== 
-==== General ==== 
-  * **Class:** See: [[international:​standard_product_nomenclature_system]] 
-  * **Type:** Tug 
-  * **Designers:​** Heram J. Wazu 
-  * **Manufacturer:​** USO 
-  * **Fielded by:** USO 
-==== Passengers ==== 
-**Crew:** 0 
-==== Dimensions ==== 
-  * **Length:** 20m 
-  * **Width:** 5m 
-  * **Height:** 4m 
-==== Propulsion and Range ==== 
-  * **Sublight Engines:** .45c 
-  * **Lifespan:​** 10 Years 
-  * **Refit Cycle:** 1 Year 
-==== Damage Capacity ==== 
-//See [[guide:​damage_rating_v3|]] for an explanation of the damage system.// 
-  * Tier: 8, Unarmored 
-===== Ship Systems ===== 
-==== Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems ==== 
-The hull of the container craft is made from lightweight [[materials:​durandium]] 
-==== Computers and Electronics ==== 
-  * [[corp:​wazu:​scale_datapad|A Scale Datapad Cluster]] is used for command and control. 
-==== Propulsion ==== 
-  * [[faction:​uso:​u-g3901]] x4 
-  ​ 
-==== Sensors ==== 
-  * [[corp:​wazu:​wz-g3802]]